We can’t thank you enough for your responses to our new “happy rich” initiative.

We told you about stock strategies for novice investors, as well as a couple for those with a higher risk tolerance.

But this week, there’s a part of the market I want to focus on for our seasoned traders: the options market.

Get Happy Rich With Options (Free Course)

As you might know, options are derivatives of stocks. That just means the price of the option depends on the stock’s price.

If you expect a stock to surge, you buy a call option. This gives the buyer of the option the right — but not the obligation — to buy a stock at a certain price on or before a certain date.

If you expect a stock’s value to fall, you buy a put option. This gives the buyer of the option the right, but not the obligation, to sell shares of a stock at a certain price on or before a certain date.

Those are the two basic ways to trade options — and our own Chartered Market Technician Chad Shoop’s two favorite ways to make money!

And you’re in luck. Chad put together a free 30-minute course: How to Get Rich With Options.

Chad created it specifically for those interested in learning how to unlock the unlimited upside potential of options trading.

If you need a refresher on options, or just want to make sure you’ve got the best approach to options trading, check out Chad’s course today!

Make Options Work for You Today!

If you’re already an options pro and just want access to the best strategies, Chad’s Quick Hit Profits strategy is an excellent way to harness the power of earnings.

Chad studied years of data on a list of around 80 stocks. When a company announces earnings and hits Chad’s Profit Trigger, he recommends buying options on the stock.

The reason traders love options is their unlimited upside.

Options can turn a small move in a stock into a much larger gain.

For instance, in 2018, Chad’s research indicated that pharmaceutical company Endo International’s stock was set to shoot higher over the next two months. Chad recommended that his readers buy call options on the stock to benefit from the surge — and it paid off big-time.

Over the next two months, the stock rose an incredible 80% — a tremendous rally for any stock.

But by trading the option, Chad’s readers exited with a 464% gain — more than five times the move of the stock!

This is what I mean when I say that options offer unlimited upside potential.

Purchasing an option instead of buying the stock allowed Chad’s readers to capture an excellent profit.

That’s just one example of the power behind options.

In Quick Hit Profits, Chad has been able to average one triple-digit gain every month for more than three years.

One day is absolutely unforgettable for Chad’s readers: the day they had the chance to secure an unprecedented winning streak of six triple-digit gains on a single day in July:

  • 207% gain on TripAdvisor.
  • 140% gain on Juniper Networks.
  • 230% gain on Illumina.
  • 100% gain on Alexion Pharmaceuticals.
  • 245% gain on Facebook.
  • 464% gain on Endo International.

Chad’s track record speaks for itself.

I’ve mentioned Chad’s humble approach to trading.

Our colleague Matt Badiali was so impressed with Quick Hit Profits, he put together a presentation to share more about Chad’s successful approach.

You can watch it here today.

Make Safe, Reliable Income

Chad Shoop has another approach to options for anyone who’s more interested in a safe, steady stream of income rather than big, triple-digit winners.

Pure Income boasted a 97% win rate last year.

Chad designed this strategy to generate consistent income in the stock market. It does so by helping him find several double-digit gain opportunities throughout the year.

Unlike Quick Hit Profits, where Chad recommends buying options, Chad’s Pure Income readers sell put options.

If you do it right, this strategy is a great way to make your money work for you. Plus, it’s as simple as buying a share of stock with even less risk.

Chad uses a three-step method that makes selecting the right trade simple.

And for a limited time, you can get a free laptop computer just for trying out the strategy to see if it’s right for you!

Watch this quick presentation now.

Play Natural Resource Cycles for Massive Gains

Finally, I’ve shared two of Matt Badiali’s services with you in the past couple of weeks.

But I have to tell you about one more.

To launch Apex Profit Alert, Matt teamed up with a man with a wealth of experience trading derivatives and analyzing charts: John Ross.

Matt and John agree that natural resources are the most predictable sector in the broader market thanks to one thing: cycles.

These reliable patterns are a fantastic way to make consistent profits.

And it’s precisely why John decided to develop a quick-hit system around the concept.

Matt and John take advantage of these cycles by recommending buying call options (“buying on black”) and put options (“buying on red”) to make huge gains.

Earlier this week, while the broad market celebrated electric vehicle maker Tesla’s impressive run up, John and Matt quietly recommended readers close out their put options on gold producer Kirkland Gold Ltd. for a 367% gain on the second half of their position in less than two weeks!

Their total gain on these put options was 218%.

That’s their latest gain, after locking in top gains of 182%, 166%, 193%, 100% and more in January.

To get access to Matt and John’s research, check out their presentation here.

I hope reading about all of our experts’ approaches has helped you figure out which strategies are most in line with your own goals.

And if you need more guidance, please reach out to our team at winninginvestor@banyanhill.com.

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Stay tuned to your inbox. On Monday, Matt Badiali will issue a challenge to CNBC’s Jim Cramer that I think you’ll want to see.

Good investing,

Kristen Barrett

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