We’ve been telling you about “happy rich” for the past three weeks.

Our own Matt Badiali has been using the hashtag #happyrich on Twitter:

And many of you have shared what the phrase means to you.

We’ve enjoyed reading through your individual definitions of happy rich!

Last week, we told you about two low-cost ways to get started on your journey to getting happy rich if you’re new to investing.

This week, I want to profile two of our premium services. They’re a higher price point — but if you have a little extra cash, the potential reward is even higher!

And I’ll let you know upfront: These strategies don’t involve trading options.

You’re simply buying and selling stocks.

Happy Rich: Idea No. 1 (Trounce Your Buy-and-Hold Strategy)

Chad Shoop is one of the humblest, most down-to-earth trading experts you’ll meet.

He’d never tell you this, but he’s also brilliant at designing trading strategies. In fact, he holds a designation that’s so hard to achieve, we call him a Navy SEAL of trading. Chad is a Chartered Market Technician (CMT).

Several years ago, he got his hands on a mysterious document that has forever changed the way he looks at investing.

This document — a 115-year-old “financial calendar” — correctly timed every major market move over the past century.

Cross-examining over a decade and back testing across 20,800 hours of real market data, Chad reverse-engineered this financial calendar to not just predict larger market moves — making it virtually crash-proof — but to predict the prime profit seasons.

That’s why investing with this strategy is like investing in an eternal bull market.

To find out about this calendar — and to get the unique twist on buying and selling stocks that Chad uses — watch this special presentation today.

Happy Rich: Idea No. 2 (for Speculators)

I told you about Matt Badiali’s credentials and experience last week.

A geologist by training, Matt’s worked in finance for over 15 years.

Matt knows just where to look to find small-cap stocks that are set to skyrocket.

This is his personal natural resource stock strategy. These are the same kinds of investments that helped grow his parents’ wealth. And they can help grow yours too.

After all, they have the potential to jump 1,000% or more.

See, about 10 years ago, Matt bought a small biotech company testing a new drug. The drug didn’t get approved … but it didn’t get denied, either. The Food and Drug Administration wanted further study — and with that, the stock price soared. The penny stock went up several hundred percent in a few days.

Matt has told me that investing in that stock felt like winning the lottery.

And he spent many months thinking about that success. A successful drug is the result of thousands of hours of research and testing. Scientists and engineers spend years and millions of dollars trying to find the next Avastin or Enbrel.

These drugs are worth billions of dollars … because they are the direct result of smart people spending hours thinking and researching.

That same thing happens in natural resources. It’s part of any good natural resource stock strategy.

But, unlike the biotech space, almost nobody is looking at these tiny companies.

That’s why investors following Matt’s Front Line Profits have such a fantastic opportunity.

And there’s one sector that Matt wrote about this week: cannabis.

If you caught his Winning Investor Daily article on Monday, you know he thinks now is the perfect time to buy pot stocks.

In Front Line Profits, he’s identified two small cannabis stocks that he’s convinced could surge in the next 12 months — and they are buys today!

To learn how to get access to Matt’s top small-cap marijuana picks, as well as some of his favorite mining stocks, watch Matt’s Pot Profits Summit today.

That’s all for this week. But I’ll be back next week to tell you about several options-trading services for those who are looking for even higher risk to reward. (And if you’re interested in learning how to trade options, I’ll share access to a free course with none other than Chad Shoop!)

You won’t want to miss it.

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I’ll be back next week to tell you about our options-trading services!

Good investing,

Kristen Barrett

Senior Managing Editor, Winning Investor Daily