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Oh No! The Consequences Of My Own Actions…

Ah, Sunday, Sunday — so great to me!

Time to sit down and chow down on the Sunday simmer-down. How does it feel, Great Ones?

To be on my own? With no direction home?

Umm … no. How does it feel to be through the biggest, greatest, most jam-packed week in earnings season? I mean, how often do we get to cover pretty much every Big Tech name in a single week?!

The rest of the market’s still digesting last week’s reports, and next week’s earnings lineup is a veritable feast in its own right…

What I'd miss keep Greatness flowing meme

Huh, so that’s why I’m so bloated this morning.

Welp, get that feed bag back on, Great Ones — we ain’t out of the Big Tech woods just yet!

There are a few loose ends to tie up … a few leftovers on the earnings plate to clear … before we get a jump on a whole new week of corporate reporting.

Right off the bat, did you see that ludicrous display the other night?!

The very second (Nasdaq: AMZN) entered the earnings confessional, you could hear the DINGs in the distance as a million Robinhood accounts cried out in terror: “Amazon is down 8% after hours. Nope, now 9%. 10%!”

You get the gist. You have my condolences, AMZN traders … but you were warned.

You were warned a few times throughout the week, actually. Last Saturday’s Great Stuff predicted that Amazon might have its first quarterly loss since 2015, should the losses of Rivian’s rip tide come a-calling. And oh, it did.

Like Ford (NYSE: F) before it, Amazon’s investment in Rivian dragged on the company’s otherwise “meh” earnings, sinking the stock … pretty much as Great Stuff expected.

So that’s one fortune cookie prediction come true … what else ya got?

Well, did you predict that we’d still be talking about the Twitter (NYSE: TWTR) takeover two three weeks later? Surprise: There’s more.

Earlier this week, Great Stuff pointed out that time when Tesla’s (Nasdaq: TSLA) management warned: “If Elon Musk were forced to sell shares of our common stock that he has pledged to secure certain personal loan obligations, such sales could cause our stock price to decline.”

With TSLA stock plummeting over 15% in the wake of the Twitter buyout, this distant early warning was all but confirmed. And we only had to wait until Friday for official filings to come out: Elon’s TSLA sell-a-thon is on, with the Tesla CEO selling about $8.4 billion in TSLA stock this week alone.

Excellent work from Mr. Musk, as usual.

Now that just wraps it up and — oh, wait a second. Who’s this latecomer to the party here?

Ah, that figures: Unfashionably late as always, Intel (Nasdaq: INTC) decided it needed some time in the tech roundup spotlight too. One of these days, I’ll be a real chipmaker, just you watch!

Intel Chip Shortage Until 2024 ... Meme

To close out the week’s earnings with both a bang and a whimper — don’t think too much into that — Intel reported declining revenue and earnings that somehow still limped past analysts’ estimates.

The other other bad news? Outlook was mixed at best, and Intel predicts the chip shortage will last until 2024.

On the bright side, data center sales were up 22%, and if you’ve been following the duel of the data center fates between Intel, Nvidia (Nasdaq: NVDA) and AMD (Nasdaq: AMD) … you know how important it is for Intel to start playing ketchup and gain back market share here.

You also might remember Great Stuff lamenting Intel’s slipping data center dominance last summer — that’s what happens when you’re busy focusing on redefining nanometers instead of, you know, ramping up your manufacturing capacity like the big boys, Nvidia and AMD.

While it’s nice to see Intel have some confidence in next quarter’s data center sales (Let’s face it: Any confidence from Intel is a shocker in itself), Intel’s in trouble if it thinks this paltry report can stand up to the beat-and-raise results that AMD’s been dropping.

Also … called it.

Don’t break your arm patting your back now, Great Stuff. If you’re in the mood to prophesize, gimme something new!

We’re on the brink of an existential development that could be mankind’s biggest invention. Got your attention now?

Right now, tech leaders are rushing to roll out their own versions of this new technology. Because they know that whoever brings their radical new inventions to the market the fastest will have a first-mover advantage in the highest-growth industry of the 21st century.

And right now, there’s a little-known stock at the center of all the action.

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Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Great Ones! We’ll be back with you tomorrow to … well … do it all over again.

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