The Future Is Here. Now’s the Time to Grab These Investments

The uses for high-powered cameras extend well beyond self-driving cars. That’s the future. And here’s how you can profit…

“Think about all the money that will be made.”

We were having a somewhat uneducated discussion about the money that will be made from self-driving cars.

At the time, self-driving cars were still just in the movies. But the possibility of them being on our roads soon was in the works.

“Every road will need new sensors for the car to know it is still in its lane. The stop lights will have to talk to the cars too. This is going to make someone a ton of money.”

At the time, it seemed like the future of self-driving cars relied on expensive changes, like the need for computer chips inserted in everything.

Fast-forward to today and, man, were we wrong.

Now Tesla Inc. (Nasdaq: TSLA) has multiple cars already on roads that are able to drive themselves, yet our roads have not added one chip to assist in this transition.

So how’s it possible for self-driving cars to work without these changes?

Well, it’s all in the advancement of technology. But to be specific, it’s in the high-powered cameras that Tesla uses, and the uses for this technology extend well beyond self-driving cars.

And that’s our opportunity to profit today.

Our Never-Ending Push for Convenience

Apple Inc. (Nasdaq: AAPL) announced last week that its high-end iPhone will use facial recognition software to secure your phone. But its only possible thanks to improvements to its camera display and other camera-based sensors.

Other experts behind self-driving car technology recently designed a security camera for your home that identifies objects and people more specifically — such as if your kids are home instead of an adult. Or if an adult enters your home with your kids. Even if your dog got out. The possibilities are endless.

And as Apple showed off in its presentation, when you give the world the greatest facial recognition technology that exists, what do they do with it? They make a poop “animoji” (an emoji that your face controls).

At this point, a Minority Report-type of environment is not hard to envision.

Your self-driving car drops you off at the mall entrance. From the moment you enter, every sign, every store automatically knows you are there. They know what you like or don’t like right away, and can point you in the right direction. Checkout no longer becomes a physical experience. Inc. (Nasdaq: AMZN) is testing several stores where you scan a device to enter the store, pick up what you want and simply walk out. The checkout process is an automatic experience that charges you for the items you selected.

With the improvements in recent years in facial recognition software, that’s easily the next step in our never-ending push for convenience.

It’s seamless, as Apple proved you can unlock your phone in just seconds by looking at it.

No wallets, no phones and no computer chips. Just your face.

That’s the future, and here’s how you can profit…

The Big Winners

Each of the stocks mentioned so far are all winners in the space.

Tesla has worked to a great extent with using camera technology, and its breakthroughs could easily lead to another profit segment for the company.

Apple could eventually use its knowledge and facial recognition software to sell to other companies or license its own new product line to other businesses. Plus, it makes many of its own chips now, and that could end up as a new revenue stream to sell to other companies if necessary.

Amazon is all over the place with its operations, but it is looking to change our retail experience. So it is going to be part of the future of retail.

But it’s stocks like Intel Corp. (Nasdaq: INTC) that are going to be the big winners.

The company recently bought Mobileye, one of the leading tech stocks in the self-driving car industry.

Its technology is what helps cars detect other cars on the road, people walking and other objects. This is the technology that retailers will eventually use to know if you put the leather jacket in your cart, or if you grabbed the pants that were just below it.

It will be the seamless checkout Amazon is looking for, and it doesn’t require added infrastructure.

All it requires are a few cameras located in the store, which are already in place for security reasons.

We are not talking decades away, either. This will happen in the next few years. Now is the time to grab these investments.


Chad Shoop, CMT
Editor, Automatic Profits Alert


Not to belittle what you are saying Chad but NOW you are calling for APPL, TSLA, AMZN and INTC? After all of them are up some 10,000 percent over the last 5 years and the stock market is at all time highs? INTC as a stock has been a losing investment since April 2000, that’s a 17 Year track record of very disappointing earnings and missing virtually EVERY trend in mobile that has occurred during that time and the stock is basically virtually flat and dead money for 17 years. Perhaps we should wait for the stock sale that will likely occur this fall before we dig into some of the other high growers you mentioned. Or perhaps we should look for a stock that is less than 800 billion in market cap currently. Sorry to make a point of this with you but these ideas are just FRAUGHT with crazy downside risk with near term very limited upside.

CAT is a different story, that is a clearly another bull stock and will benefit from the current wave of world wide construction. It’s up over 30% this year. You have a point about self driving trucks that will likely cause a strong replacement cycle of fleet trucks 2-4 years away but definitely coming. The stock chart at the moment looks overbought because near vertical. It’s a bit frothy now with PE of 813 need to investigate why that is the case (short term earnings issue or just overvalued)., perhaps wait for when it gives you a bit of a sale.

PL RTZ, very good point, this is exactly what I was thinking when I read this. I do not disagree with the article’s point about the trends of the technology, but the four companies mentioned have an uncanny way of loosing money in a world where they should be hugely profitable. the CEO’s are doing well for themselves, but the shareholders won’t make a dime (without selling the shares to the next sucker – stock price appreciation). Maybe, just maybe the others could turn it around, but TSLA wouldn’t even exist today if it were not for the steady flow of stolen … er… “taxpayer funded incentives, and hand-outs”… money. If Musk were to quadruple sales, he would likely only also quadruple costs… the company simply cannot make money. I love all four companies mentioned, love the technology, and the market space that they occupy, but to suggest that buying any one of these is anything but a speculation at this point shows just how crazy Wall Street has become.

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