The Dow Jones Industrial Average has lost 32% in the great stock market crash of 2020 … so far. But Ted Bauman is using a little-known strategy to cut those losses in half.

In today’s video, he reveals exactly what he is doing and how to do it.

Fair warning: This strategy is not for the faint of heart.

But if you want an actionable idea that can help you survive the bear market, you’ll want to see how it works.

Guaranteed to Go up When the Markets Go Down

To be clear, this strategy has nothing to do with options or futures. But it is short term. In fact, you’ll want to get in and out of this trade in one day.

Not only that, but buying it at the right time can be tricky. Thankfully, Ted reveals when to buy it (and how) for the biggest potential gains. He also shares the best time to sell … right down to the minute.

Again, this isn’t going to be for everyone. But if you’re serious about minimizing your losses and you’re able to give this strategy your full attention, this is something you’ll want to check out.

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Angela Jirau
Angela Jirau
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