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The Perfect Recipe for a Volatile Market

Now, anyone who enjoys toiling in the kitchen has their favorite foods. For me, just about any Cajun dish will do. And in the world of Cajun cooking, you quickly learn that the “holy trinity” of onion, bell pepper and celery are the foundation for many recipes. In the same way, you need that trinity — that backbone — for a solid foundation that underpins your investment outlook. You’re in luck. You might not get to taste any of my Cajun dishes soon, but I can give you that investment foundation…

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Right Now, Cash Is King

The trend is clear. When the market starts getting “toppy,” insiders at technology companies stop buying their own shares. Corporate executives know what’s going on in their industries better than anyone else. Every quarter, they must tell the market what they think about their own prospects in an official filing. But they can buy and sell shares in their own company at any time. That makes insider purchases a critical data point for investors. That’s the lowest level of insider buying over the last five years. This is powerful evidence of something I’ve been saying all summer. Right now, smart investors should be buying quality companies. That means strong balance sheets, recession-proof revenues and above all, strong free cash flow. Here’s the evidence.

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