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One secret number = 10X gains on your investment. NEW Investing Strategy: 1 “Secret Number” Could 10X Your Profits One secret number is "the most important number in finance," according to our friends at Tradesmith. It can maximize your profits 10-fold.
Picture of Apple AI Phone Look Out for AI’s “iPhone Moment” Apple could release its AI strategy today at 1 p.m. ET. Is an AI iPhone here? Ian has three new trades to profit from Apple's announcement.
Why Warren Buffett’s 20-Word Wisdom Still Matters Why Warren Buffett’s 20-Word Wisdom Still Matters Here's a lesson on finding companies to invest in with high-quality earnings: from Warren Buffett's 20-word wisdom.
Apple “AiPhone”: Is Apple About to Be the New AI King? Apple “AiPhone”: Is Apple About to Be the New AI King? Apple could be about to unveil its AI strategy: a new “AiPhone.” This "upgrade" would majorly disrupt the the entire AI market...
Value spelled out in blocks Why “Buy Low, Sell High” Fails: The Secret to Smarter Stock Picks Don't get caught in a value trap when buying low and selling high. Check out Adam O'Dell's system that helps you avoid the trap.

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“Loving this. Should have started a long time ago.”

- Jay

"You told me to ignore the noise on Wall Street. And thanks to you, I started towards the end of 2016 with $200,000 in my account and I recently put in an extra $100,000. [As of February 2019] My account is worth $500,788! I would’ve missed out if I followed conventional wisdom."

- Helen C.

“Looks like I have finally found the right person to learn and grow from.”

- James

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