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Mean Reversion: The Simplest Strategy for Sell-Offs Mean Reversion: The Simplest Strategy for Sell-Offs Other traders may panic-sell or go bargain hunting — but Mike Carr uses this mean reversion strategy to profit from a sell-off.
dual threat stock market strategy Find Refuge From This Dual Threat Time to start “dialing back.” That’s how Mary Daly, president of the San Francisco Fed, views the Federal Reserve’s stimulus measures. Daly sees less need for support, and she’s hardly alone in her view. No fewer than eight other Fed presidents have voiced a similar assessment recently. That’s because they are confident about the ongoing economic recovery. The first place they will start is the Federal Reserve’s massive $8.2 trillion balance sheet, which has swelled by 100% since the pandemic began. But those views are at odds with the surge in new COVID-19 cases as the delta variant spreads.
3 Key Industries Expected to Rebound After 2020 Stock Market Turmoil Investors who sit on the sidelines when bad news hits often miss out on huge gains. With the market down over coronavirus and economic fears, now’s the time to buy great companies trading at discounted prices. Charles Mizrahi shows you how to benefit from three ETFs set to outperform over the long term.
Health Care ETF will be biggest money maker in 2020 Ignore the Analysts … Look Here for 2020’s Big Winner [3-minute read] Not all sectors are overvalued. This one is poised for a great year.
2 Ways to Trade Health Care’s Seasonal Trend Today

One of the strongest market patterns leads to consistent double-digit gains in a short time. It shows that the health care sector will surge in the next four months. Chad Shoop shares two ways for you to profit today.

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