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Latest Insights on SPY

25% rule 25% Rule Shows You Exactly When to Buy It’s impossible to know exactly when prices will stop falling. But there’s a simple strategy that helps investors avoid losses.
Nothing says “market confidence” like two interest rate cuts in less than a month. Great Stuff has you covered — with stock market confidence to spare. Fed on the Run; Apple Stunned; Airlines Plunge
by Joseph Hargett March 16, 2020 Great Stuff
When the Fed Hits the Fan… Anyone else feel like they’re stuck in a time loop? This morning, U.S. futures trading halted after hitting a down-limit loss of 5% … again. Then, immediately after the markets opened for regular trading, stocks plunged 8% to trigger another halt … again. This fresh round of Wall Street […]
stocks will fall bulls falling off a cliff S&P 500 This Chart Shows Why Stocks Will Fall 30% There’s an important market indicator you’ve likely never heard of. And right now, it’s telling us we’re only halfway through this big drop in the stock market.
The Winners and Losers in This Market Correction [5-minute read] Different types of assets behave differently in a correction. Knowing why can help you weather a stormy stock market.
stock market beating The Market Just Took a Beating … and That’s Good I went back through 40 years of S&P 500 closing prices. What I found might surprise you … in a good way.


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