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Cash Is Dead — Grab Profits From Digital Payments With This ETF [3-minute read] Opportunities abound as the pandemic accelerates technological revolutions.
Russia’s vaccine news really knocked me out. They’ve left the West behind, as Wall Street stocks start to sing and shout. Vax in the U.S.S.R; Nio Raises the Bar; Inovi-Woah
by Joseph Hargett August 11, 2020 Great Stuff
Vax in the U.S.S.R. Flew into Miami Beach from NYC. Didn’t get to bed last night. On the way, The Wall Street Journal on my knee. Man, it was a dreadful sight. There’s vax in the U.S.S.R. You don’t know how lucky you are, boy. Vax in the U.S.— Vax in the U.S.— Vax in […]
Tech’s New Favorite Metal (It’s Not Gold) Gold often takes the spotlight as the metal to buy to hedge against a weakening dollar. But the metal to buy at this stage in the game isn’t gold.
Paul’s Strategy for TSLA — Spot the BUY Time It’s a secret every investor should know — the strategy for picking all-star stocks and knowing when to buy for the biggest gains.
2 Epic Stock Market Rotations Are Coming — 6 ETF’s to Watch [14-minute video] The only certainty in the stock market is that it won’t stay the same forever. Here are two big shifts to prepare for today.

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I am up $20,070 in closed positions from Feb. 18 through March 7.

- Bob Rowe

I started your system in December … I am ahead $29,000 … I put total faith in you and your system and it has worked for me very nicely. Thanks again I sure like your humble approach about this whole thing

- Dale Leiffer

I have made a little over $4,000 while being cautious.

- Chuck Goss

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