1. The Russia/Ukraine conflict.
  2. Inflation and interest rates.

These two topics have been the markets’ focus this week. And volatility continues to reign because of them.

It’s easy to panic over the uncertainty right now. But as Alpha Investor founder Charles Mizrahi said on Wednesday: “Trying to sidestep downturns is a fool’s errand.”

So, if you’re letting your emotions rule your investing decisions right now … take a breath. And then, catch up on Charles’ Real Talk this week.

Because he not only covered the Russia/Ukraine market shock and inflation … he also shared his solution for your portfolio to weather both of these situations.

Check it out below…

Panic sell during market shock Fear Is Your Greatest Ally in the Stock Market
Many investors have been acting with their emotions instead of their heads during the recent market shock. But if you’re about to panic sell, you’ll want to take a look at this first.
Inflation kills Roman Empire This Road Better Not Lead to Rome
Inflation killed the mighty Roman Empire. Could it be killing America today, too? You surely have felt its effects recently. And Charles shares your pain. That’s why he’s giving his solution to the problem.

ICYMI: Insights From Another Market Shock…

A few years ago, we saw another geopolitical event spook the markets: the Hong Kong protests of China’s takeover.

Stocks have moved higher since then — as they likely will with the current Russian invasion of Ukraine.

But the effects of conflict still remain. (In fact, I hear from my friends and family about their current struggles in Hong Kong often.)

Author Mark L. Clifford has experienced these effects firsthand, living in the city for decades.

He’s written about the crackdowns on economic and personal liberties. And he’s championed the Committee for Freedom in Hong Kong.

Charles recently sat down with him to discuss how the Chinese government stripped away Hong Kong’s capitalist paradise. Their interview could even provide insights into the current market shock, too.

You won’t want to miss it. You can listen to it here or click the image below to watch it on YouTube.

Mark Clifford guest the Charles Mizrahi Show

Real Talk, Real Readers!

Last week, we asked you about the Super Bowl and cryptos, and you had plenty to say…

From Jane M.: Dear Mr. Mizrahi, I love your sage, common sense advice on investing. Also, I appreciate you mentioning Alan Abelson.

This email was particularly helpful for those of us who don’t watch TV or the Super Bowl. Your cryptocurrency observations are sincerely appreciated. Thank you.

From Dan H.: Hi Charles! Great commentary on cryptos! I file crypto offers between MLM and Ponzi schemes. Thanks for your insight.

From Byron M.: I agree with you 100%, which is the very reason I have NOT invested in any form of crypto. I guess I’m just old-fashioned. If I don’t understand it, I am not going to invest in it.

From Elsie G.: Hello Charles, hope you are doing well and keeping safe. There is so much to learn about investing, and I want to do the right thing. So, I’m glad I signed on to your Alpha Investor service.

Thank you for your advice about cryptocurrencies. I don’t understand it, either. The FOMO mindset can be difficult to combat, so hearing your take on this topic was very helpful. I will stay away from them.

You also gave us your take on inflation…

From Larry L.: Lina, I live in an area where the population is highly schooled, but undereducated. There are people with master’s degrees who are clueless about inflation.

I ran into one last week who was blaming inflation on the greed of corporations. In this case, it was the high cost of gasoline. Never mind all the factors that go into the cost of a gallon of gas … inflation is behind most, if not all, of the price increase.

I tried using the classic definition of inflation to explain the current price. Too many dollars chasing too few goods. But it just did not make sense to him. I felt it would be useless to try and explain that for every dollar created, it lessens the value of all other dollars (even those that were minted yesterday).

Last year, when the stimulus checks were so popular, I had commented that it was going to cause problems. Not one person would ever consider such an outcome. What we need is a basic understanding of how our economy works.

And some of you just wanted to let us know how much you’re loving Real Talk!

From Bob J.: Charles, I really appreciate you and your team! Just wanted you to know that I am really enjoying Real Talk. I’m learning a little bit about smart investing in every email you folks send.

I truly appreciate and feel very fortunate to have found Alpha Investor. Just wanted to let you know that you are a wonderful service and are truly appreciated.

From Cliff L.: Charles, I’m just an average guy who made a living as an engineer. Over the years, I’ve tried to understand and invest in the stock market. But I never really made much money.

I’ve made all classic mistakes (like buying high and selling low). And I’ve had several newsletters long enough to realize that I can lose money without their help. I’ve just been subscribing to your letter for a few months, and so far, I like your straightforward approach and the way you write things that I can understand.

I like the fact that you look for stocks that are below the radar, and don’t go after stocks that already doing well. I’m sticking with you for a while.

Keep it coming! We love hearing from you. Write in with your questions and comments any time at RealTalk@BanyanHill.com.


Lina Lee

Senior Managing Editor, Real Talk