In today’s world, it is not simply enough to make wise investments for your future. With growing political and economic storms always on the horizon, it is important to protect those investments. High taxes, travel restrictions, regulatory changes, asset seizures and lawsuits can all become and obstacle between you and your wealth.

The key to insuring yourself against all of the risks is diversification. This can include such things as:

  • Citizenship in a country that offers visa-free travel and residential possibilities, and does not tax its citizens based on their nationality. A U.S. passport does not qualify under either criterion.
  • Owing a business in a country that offers low taxes and protection of property from arbitrary confiscation and a predictable legal environment. The United States does not qualify here, either.
  • Keeping your assets in a jurisdiction with strict bank secrecy laws, and where frivolous lawsuits are dismissed out of hand. Again, not something you can find in the U.S.

At the Sovereign Investor Daily, our experts are continuously examining strategies of second citizenships, offshore trusts, foreign bank accounts and international asset diversification to give you options in making sure your investments and property are well protected.

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