“I’m here for the business aspect, not partisan soapboxing.”

One reader, David R., wrote in with his take on Charles’ Real Talk on oil prices this week.

A few other readers agreed that we should stick to the markets and avoid politics.

But Washington’s policies can affect the markets. As Charles said, it “has nothing to do with being a Democrat or Republican.”

And right now, those policies are creating a new profit opportunity.

That’s always Charles’ focus: finding new opportunities for you.

So, no matter what side of the aisle you fall on, be sure to check out Charles’ insights below on oil and inflation — and how you can use them to your benefit.

Why the World Can’t Wave Goodbye to Fossil Fuels The World Can’t Wave Goodbye to Fossil Fuels
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The REAL Reason Why Gas Prices Are High The REAL Reason Why Gas Prices Are High
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ICYMI: How the Global Elite Got Duped Out of Millions

Governments around the world trusted private equity firm Abraaj.

They believed Abraaj was putting their money to use to fight poverty.

But they had no idea who they were dealing with.

It was a Ponzi scheme of epic proportions. And millions of dollars went up in smoke.

Charles was fascinated by how everything fell apart. To find out all the details, he sat down with Pulitzer Prize-nominated journalist Simon Clark.

Their insights on due diligence can be helpful for any investor.

So, be sure to listen to the interview by clicking here … or watch it on YouTube by clicking on the image below.


Lina Lee

Senior Managing Editor, Real Talk

Real Talk, Real Readers…

From David R.: Dear Charles, after doing some trials with other investment advisor services, I’ve concluded that your investment philosophy is very much in line with the style I’ve adopted over several decades. In fact, I’m a lifetime subscriber to Alpha Investor and Catalyst Fortunes.

The results I’m seeing with your recommendations are better than other parts of my portfolio managed by professionals. Cheers!

Now, as much as I enjoy communications from you and your team, I find it hard to listen to or read some of the content with an obvious political slant. I’m here for the business aspect, not partisan soapboxing.

I’m not a left-wing liberal, nor a right-wing conspiracy believer. My politics are moderate. Keeping things neutral is my sweet spot. You can certainly deliver any kind of message you like. I just don’t see the business benefit in alienating a major portion of potential customers.

Thanks for the great service you provide.

From Fred D.: Charles, thank you for having the guts to spell this out in plain language. So many of us are mortified to see the country we love being driven into the ground on so many different fronts.

You cited just one of ways this is happening, even though you may be putting yourself in harm’s way for doing so.

I can’t tell you how appreciative I am that a Banyan Hill guru is not letting political correctness stand in the way of speaking the truth to their subscribers. God Bless!

From Henry M.: Hi Charles, I have been with your service for a while. I’ve made some good money. Also, I’ve learned quite a bit from your videos and your explanation of stock picks. This is very important to me so I have a good understanding of why I am investing with a particular stock.

I first saw you with Sarah Palin on video. I like her and what she stands for. This is why I signed up with you. I made a good decision. And you seem like a cool guy. Thanks!

From Andy B.: I’ve subscribed to your service for at least two years and respect and often take your recommendations for stocks. Thank you for imparting your knowledge and your sage advice!

I have an issue, however, regarding your reference to Mr. Joe Biden’s policy on oil and gas, which you refer to as Biden’s war on oil. The fact remains that we are in a very serious predicament as inhabitants of our planet Earth as we are still struggling to curtail the ill effects of climate change. We have only a few years before this trend becomes irreversible and our planet will be unable to sustain life as we know it. Human created gas emissions are the main culprit.

If anything, we should ALL rally together to reduce and eliminate the many negative ramifications of consuming dirty fossil fuels. The solution to this global crisis is that we all invest in clean and sustainable energy sources! Leave dirty oil and gas buried in the ground! I suggest focusing on solar energy as at least one viable solution to our climate crisis. The EU countries have planned for this and are miles ahead of North America.

Regarding your comment on President Biden’s energy policy, I applaud his leaning to reduce and eliminate our dependence on toxic fossil fuels and taking a stance of pro-clean and sustainable energy. He is literally stuck between a rock and a hard spot on this thorny issue as the progressive minded governments wean off fossil fuels and invest in solar, wind and consider other sources such as biofuels.

I realize that much of the world still depends on oil and gas as an energy source, however, the transition must be made starting today as our time clock on this fragile planet is ticking. If we do not act in concert now as a global community, we will not have a livable planet Earth.

Think about that for a few minutes; no life on planet Earth as we know it! If not for yourself and your current family, think about what type of legacy you will leave for future generations. I hope that you will take my message to you seriously and consider recommending only stocks that will save our planet.