Robinhood is in the news again.

On Friday, the trading company unveiled its bitcoin wallet. This project has been underway since last September.

Nearly 2 million users can now buy and hold bitcoin and Ethereum via the wallet.

Now Robinhood users can fully participate in the crypto universe, including purchasing NFTs.

This is a strategic move on Robinhood’s part. And it tells me that it finally understands that crypto is the future.

In fact, Robinhood’s chief product officer, Aparna Chennapragada, commented this week: “Bitcoin is actually the top most recurring buy for our customers, more than even many of the stocks that you think about.”

But with bitcoin going mainstream, how well do any of us understand it?

A survey by reveals that a whopping 96% of Americans failed a quiz on crypto basics.

That number went up to 99% for Brazilian and Mexican respondents.

Now, that may not seem like a huge deal. You don’t need to understand crypto if you’re only going to invest in stocks.

Here’s the thing: You’re missing out on massive potential profits if you avoid crypto.

Look at the Terra coin Ian King recommended in Next Wave Crypto Fortunes. This position was sold in thirds, pulling in top gains of:

  • 261% in 45 days.
  • 3,900% in three months.
  • And 18,325% in 13 months on the final partial position.

(If you’d like the full details on just how Ian did that, click here.)

But maybe you’re not in a place right now to buy a crypto trading service.

After one of the most volatile markets in years, that’s understandable.

So, Ian’s getting ready to issue an exclusive video detailing what you should buy in the crypto sphere.

Along with this presentation, he’s releasing three brand-new reports for Strategic Fortunes readers with his top crypto recommendations.

The webinar will debut this Thursday, April 14. So keep a lookout in Winning Investor Daily next week for more details.

And keep reading below for this week’s Winning ideas.

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