Is Big Oil price gouging?

The House Energy and Commerce Committee certainly thinks so.

Yesterday, U.S. lawmakers grilled oil executives on surging gas prices.

But villainizing oil companies isn’t the answer.

So, I sat down with Bob Sellers of American Agenda to talk about oil prices and corralling inflation.

Check out our 4-minute interview to hear my insights on when I think we’ll get back to equilibrium.

Just click here or the image below and go to the 51:50 time mark of the video.

Top Oil CEO's energy prices Charles Mizrahi

How Are You Combating Higher Prices?

Back in February, I compared our soaring prices to the eventual downfall of the Roman Empire.

I laid out the inflation problem…

But I also shared with you one solution to fighting it.

(Hint: It has to do with pricing power.)

Have you been taking advantage of this solution?

I want to hear how Main Street investors like you are surviving and thriving despite inflation.

So, let me know by writing in at

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