This has nothing to do with being a Democrat or Republican.

These are just the facts as I see them…

The current administration isn’t keen on fossil fuels.

It hasn’t been shy to say so…

  • September 16, 2019: “We’re going to end fossil fuels.” — Then-presidential candidate Joe Biden.
  • January 20, 2021: President Biden kills the Keystone XL Pipeline hours after inauguration.
  • February 14, 2021: “We need to keep fossil fuels in the ground.” — Interior Secretary nominee Deb Haaland.
  • December 10, 2021: Federal agencies announced they’d cease funding new, international, carbon-intensive fossil fuel initiatives.

And because of the administration’s war on fossil fuel, gas prices hit a record of $4.31 per gallon.

That means the average price for a gallon of regular gas is up close to 90% since President Biden took office.

Average regular retail gasoline prices

I get it. The administration is seeing the world as it should be.

I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t want to leave this planet a cleaner, healthier place for our grandchildren.

Who isn’t for renewable energy? I definitely am…

An Electric Family

I got a Tesla — my first electric vehicle (EV) — last June.

I love the driving experience.

And one of the other pleasures of having a Tesla is no more trips to the gas station.

Instead, I just plug it into a special charger in my driveway. And the car fills up overnight while I sleep.

It takes about $11 to “fill up” my Tesla. But for my gas-powered Volvo, getting the same 300-mile range costs closer to $75.

That’s a huge difference!

So, I ordered another one a few months ago. By the end of this year, the Mizrahi family will be all-in on EVs.

You don’t have to sell me on renewable energy.

But here’s the Real Talk: No matter how much we “go green” right now, we still need fossil fuel…

Past the Pump

Right now, renewable energy isn’t cost competitive.

The main renewables — wind and solar power — have capacity issues. Sun and wind don’t shine and blow on demand.

And even as more Americans drive EVs, they only make up around 1% of vehicles on the road.

Until renewable energy costs drop and capacity increases, we’re still going to need fossil fuel.

There’s another issue, too. Fossil fuels are used for far more than just gas to fill up our car tanks…

I’m not hearing too much talk about electric options for planes or cargo ships. They’ll still need fuel for years to come.

Petroleum products are also in the clothes you wear and the fertilizers that harvest the food you eat.

They’re critical for processing the chemicals we need for everyday products like plastics, diapers and water bottles.

Even the medical face masks we’ve been wearing during the pandemic are made from petrochemicals.

We’re already seeing prices of these products go up, too. So, we’re not just feeling the pain at the pump.

Turning Heads

For now — with apologies to Mark Twain — the reports of the death of fossil fuel are greatly exaggerated.

But that gives us an opportunity to profit…

It’s why I just recommended an oil company in Alpha Investor a few days ago.

This company has a strong balance sheet and has seen heavy buying by a legendary investor.

And it can turn a profit even if the price of a barrel of oil falls by 50% from here!

So, now’s the time to buy shares while they’re trading at attractive prices.

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Charles Mizrahi

Charles Mizrahi

Founder, Alpha Investor