“I really want to learn how to invest on my own,” my mom said casually over brunch one Sunday.

I froze. Mrs. Set It And Forget It wanted to venture into the stock market by herself? I had to hear more.

“Ever since your dad and I sold our commercial property, the banks are giving us practically no return! What’s the point of locking up my money if I can’t get something back?”

She has a point, and it’s one that millions of Americans are echoing. With the Federal Reserve drastically lowering interest rates to save a coronavirus-slammed economy, you’re lucky to get a 0.01% return on your savings account.

So basically, if you lock up your $1 million with your friendly neighborhood bank, you’re looking at a juicy return of $100 a year. Not quite the dream retirement most of us have planned.

There must be a better way.

You might know what I’m going to say. “Of course there is! The stock market!”

The roller coaster ride we’ve been on since the March lows has been intense, but there’s no doubt the Dow Jones Industrial Average is beating that puny 0.01% return. The Dow has returned 45% since then.

The Market Persists! Dow Delivers 45% Gain Since March

And as Ian King tells me, things are going to get better.

But here’s the kicker: Studies show that “going it alone” in the stock market can decrease your returns.

You wouldn’t perform dental surgery on yourself. Most of us don’t cut our own hair (unless you ill-advisedly play barber in quarantine). So why would you throw your own money into the stock market with no guidance at all?

So, you’d naturally assume that a hedge fund would be the next best thing.

Not so fast.

As Stephan Fernandez pointed out earlier this month, passive investing with a money manager can lead to average returns, with fees eating into the gains you do manage to make.

Reset Your Investing Strategy the Smart Way

We all want to be independent, but there comes a time when asking for help is the smartest thing we can do. But asking for the right help is just as important.

Fortunately, there’s a happy medium between investing totally on your own and throwing yourself at the mercy of hedge fund managers.

You can follow Smart Profits Daily, where we help you make better, smarter and safer investment decisions.

If you had followed our free advice over the past year, you would have seen gains of:

  • 85% on Beyond Meat.
  • 96% on Peloton.
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And those are just our free samples! Imagine the profits Ian King, Michael Carr and Brian Christopher are piling up in their premium services.

Gains like:

  • 540% on Tesla.
  • 123% on Dow Jones Industrial Average
  • 82% on U.S. Concrete.

Turns out, this is just the beginning.

Ian just released a brand-new presentation on the next big economic event about to sweep the country. It’s going to “reset” America — and bring along some phenomenal investment opportunities.

The best part is, he’s written up a few special reports telling you exactly which stocks to buy, his price targets and when you should buy in.

Sure sounds better than trying to time the market yourself.

To watch Ian’s presentation right away, click here.

Best wishes,

Tiffany D’Abate

Sr. Managing Editor, Smart Profits Daily