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Poll: Does the Economy Need More Stimulus?

Poll: Does the Economy Need More Stimulus?

Last week, we asked if you were planning on watching any baseball over the weekend.

Here are the results:

Did You Watch Any Baseball Yet?

Did You Watch Baseball?

  • 8%% — No, I am not interested in baseball.
  • 6% — Yes, I watched multiple games.
  • 9% —Not yet, but I will soon.
  • 7% — Yes, I watched one game.

The majority of you aren’t interested in baseball, which may be good news for you.

A developing story mentioned that 18 Miami Marlins players have tested positive for the coronavirus, which means Americans may be without their favorite pastime in the coming months.

Your New Poll of the Week

There’s been a lot of buzz over whether Congress needs to enact more stimulus for the economy, especially with the CARES Act drawing to an end.

The question is largely a political one, with each party making a case for not adding even more easy money into circulation.

But here at Smart Profits Daily, we believe this is more than politics. It’s a question of whether American citizens are going to be able to outlast the impacts of the coronavirus.

We’re turning to you to find out the truth.

So, the Poll of the Week is: Does Congress need to pour more stimulus into the economy?

You can let us know by taking this quick, one-question survey:


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