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Recent Smart Profits Daily Articles

Solana token crash Solana’s Network Outage Sparked a Crypto Crash The Solana token skyrocketed over $200 at the beginning of September … but then the Solana network had a huge crisis.
solar power Biden’s Solar Power Plan Is Good for the Economy Biden’s infrastructure plan envisions a future where solar power generates up to 45% of the U.S. electricity supply by 2050.
bitcoin profits Crypto Profits Are for Everyone — Including You The crypto ownership economy is based on the idea that networks are created, owned and operated by their users.
ethereum Ethereum Was First, but Its Dominance Won’t Last While Ethereum has a solid head start, history has shown its dominance won’t last.
jobless claims Jobless Numbers Fall: Is the Economy Back to Normal? The U.S. workforce isn’t back to full strength yet … but unemployment claims reached a record low in the first week of September.
Tesla Model 2 EV Tesla’s Self-Driving EV Only Costs $25,000 Tesla’s new electric vehicle won’t have a steering wheel or pedals. And at only $25,000, it’s remarkably cheap.
el salvador adopts bitcoin El Salvador’s Bitcoin Day Is the Future of Money In the U.S., Tuesday marked the return to work after the long Labor Day weekend. But in El Salvador, it was Bitcoin Day.
tesla model 2 Tesla’s “Model 2” Is 38% Cheaper Than Other Cars If Tesla’s plans for the Model 2 come to fruition, the mass-market EV would cost 38% less than a new vehicle today.
Friday’s unemployment report suggests this Goldilocks economy might be the perfect temperature for stocks… Here Comes the Goldilocks Economy Friday’s unemployment report suggests Goldilocks might have found the perfect temperature for stocks…
ev industry profits This Pick-and-Shovel Play Is Your Key to EV Profits The EV industry is about to catapult one commodity company into the stratosphere.
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