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Recent Smart Profits Daily Articles

Crypto art NFT The Crypto Art World Is on Fire There’s an explosion of digital art happening right now that’s turning the art world on its head.
This month’s Service Spotlight takes a look at Strategic Fortunes and why renewable energy is the trend to follow. How to Bag Triple-Digit Gains in This Red-Hot Sector This month’s Service Spotlight takes a look at Strategic Fortunes and why renewable energy is the trend to follow.
metaverse Welcome to the Metaverse The metaverse is drawing attention right now from some of the smartest people in Silicon Valley.
CRISPR technology cannabis boost This Hot Tech Will Unleash a Cannabis Boom One incredible technology will improve the efficiency of growing operations and unlock higher profit margins for cannabis companies.
amazon bitcoin crypto Is Amazon Releasing Its Own Cryptocurrency? A marriage between Amazon and cryptocurrencies would change the game.
3d-printed meat We Asked, You Answered: 3D-Printed Meat We asked whether you would eat 3D-printed meat, and boy, did you have a lot to say!
netflix earnings report and stock analysis Should You Buy Netflix? Ian King and Steve Fernandez take a look at Netflix’s latest earnings report to help you decide if you should buy its stock.
king of evs Forget Tesla — There’s a New King of EVs Tesla has dominated the global electric vehicle (EV) market for years. But there’s another car company that sold a massive amount of EVs in the second quarter.
3d printed meat Would You Eat 3D-Printed Meat? I’m calling for 3D-printed meat to become “Meat 2.0” and disrupt the massive $1.3 trillion global meat industry by the end of the decade.
delta variant covid-19 The Market Is Pricing in the Delta Variant Risk There’s uncertainty around the spread of the delta variant and worries that too many Americans remain unvaccinated.
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