This week, Alpha Investor founder Charles Mizrahi revisited some of the big topics of 2021 …

Cryptos and bitcoin. Hyped pandemic stocks like Peloton, Zoom and Zillow.

And he also looked ahead to the opportunities that the new year will bring. Of course, no one has a crystal ball to predict the future.

But one thing is certain in 2022: Charles will always be dedicated to helping you slay the Wall Street bullies — and the market…

bitcoin economic value 2021 This Is What Bitcoin Is Worth…
Is $65,000 an attractive price? Or is $35,000 too expensive of a price? Charles gives the Real Talk on what bitcoin is really worth.
Peloton hyped pandemic stock 2021 Buy the Bike, Sell the Stock
Charles knew Peloton’s business would be one of the big winners of the pandemic. But there wasn’t “a snowball’s chance in hell” that he would buy its stock. Here’s why
Slay Wall Street Bullies in 2022 Slay the Wall Street Bullies — and the S&P 500
When Charles first started his money management firm decades ago, he made it his business to never let Wall Street bullying happen on his watch. And that’s what he’s still doing today for you.

What Are You Looking Forward to Most in 2022?

Let us know which investing mega trends you’re keeping an eye on … or which ones you’d like us to cover in Real Talk. Just write in at

And we hope you and your loved ones have a happy new year ahead!


Lina Lee

Senior Managing Editor, Real Talk

Real Talk, Real Readers!

From Robert B.: Thank you for your humility and kindness in this shark-tank world of investing!

From Andrew P.: Charles, I totally agree with what you’re saying. When my dad died, he left quite a bit of money. He worked hard all his life to accumulate it. When I saw how it was going to be invested, I naively thought I could do better than blue-chip stocks (which I thought anyone could figure out).

I thought I could find small companies with great potential that were much more speculative. Boy, was I wrong. And I lost a lot of money. Investing in stocks is not as easy as it looks! To be successful is even harder.

I own my own business and tend to be a risk-taker. But in the stock market, that can be a very dangerous thing. I like your philosophy and way of investing. Your Alpha Investor portfolio and its returns is proof that it works. I’m working on being more conservative and sticking to the fundamentals. Money is not something to play around with. It’s too hard to earn.

From Tom K.: I’m a new investor in the stock market and also a new subscriber to Alpha Investor. Being new, I really enjoy reading your articles with the subject being based on the basics of investing and how real success is achieved.

I’m an architect and construction inspector by trade. I never studied finance, but life’s experience and being 60 now has taught me some common sense.

And common sense tells me that making fast fortunes in any business — let alone the stock market — is less the case than more. The media seems to thrive on teasing people like myself to believe that fortunes are made overnight and all you have to do is be willing to participate and listen to “money magic” gurus.

So, Charles, I appreciate that you bring your real-life experience and knowledge to the table and how you tell real, middle-class folks like me that like anything else … it takes some experience, knowledge, tools and hard work to be successful in the stock market.

You give us something to sink our teeth into instead of having us sit back and wonder what fluke will bring us a fortune or a great loss next. Thank you so much for doing what you do!

As I said, I haven’t been investing and listening to your wisdom for very long, so I have no real wins to announce at this point. I can only say that you write great, informative articles that make good sense that I feel I can trust.

I’m an older father to two young children who are 15 and 18. My 18-year-old just started college, and my 15-year-old has two years of high school left before college. And I probably have five to seven years left max to work full time before retirement. I will say that I’m young at heart, but that’s probably all my body will be able to do.

I will have Social Security. But I have no pension and lost what was my 401(k) back in 2010 when the economy went bust because I was laid off and wasn’t fully vested at that time. My kids were very young and my wife was working part time then. I was carrying the health insurance at that time. Needless to say, with a mortgage and expenses, we needed money.

Long story short, I redirected my business to inspections in lieu of design, and I’ve had work ever since. I opened a new 401(k) about four years ago and I’m happy I did. But I know I will need more for retirement…

I’m not expecting any miracles with the stock market. But I’m sure hopeful that I will be able to earn enough in the next few years to help supplement my retirement.

Thank you for your great article clearing up the bitcoin rage. I appreciate that.

And I hope you had a great holiday with your family. I look forward to your coming recommendations. I will be following you for years to come. Be well.