“No way!” I caught myself thinking on Thursday.

I was reading a CNBC article about how investors have already decided that Tesla will be the ultimate winner of the electric vehicle (EV) race.

They’ve got it wrong. The real winner is going to be investors in the company that physically makes the EVs for all the legacy auto companies.

I feel pretty strongly about this after Ted shared with me his research into one company. Honestly, I’m shocked that it gets so little investor attention … yet it holds more power for investors in the EV sector than any other pick-and-shovel company.

This got me thinking…

Who Do YOU Think Will Win the EV Race?

Do you agree with TradingAnalysis.com’s founder, Todd Gordon, that Tesla is the inevitable winner of the EV race?

Take this 30-second poll to let me know … and to see what your fellow readers think.



Happy Fourth of July for tomorrow.

Good investing,

Angela Jirau
Publisher, The Bauman Letter