Hello, Winning Investor Nation! It’s Amber Lancaster, and I’m back with Ian King this week. We have a brand-new edition of Monday Market Insights for you today.

Consider us your market cheat sheet. We’ll give you a look at what happened last week, what’s ahead for this week, and what you should look toward in the long term.

Buckle up your seat belt, because the economic reports are already off to the races! There’s a ton of news pouring in, and Ian and I are going through the highlights.

Let’s jump right in!

Today’s red-hot takeaways include:

🔥 No. 1: The market: We review new inflation reports, as well as a few flags that indicate it’s finally ebbing.

🔥 No. 2: Cryptos: Ian answers a question on Celsius’ bankruptcy and restructuring.

🔥 No. 3: Tech mega trend: Tesla just wrapped up its Cyber Roundup last week. We review what Elon Musk revealed.

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Reader Feature!

Before I sign off for today, I want to share a comment that one of your fellow Winning Investors sent to us.

Edgardo G. wrote: “I had a slice of a very sweet pie during the bull run, and it’s due time to thank you for all the guidance you have abundantly shared. Thank you, Ian, and to all your staff. Please keep on giving.”

Thank you for those kind words, Edgardo. We love to see it!

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Amber Lancaster

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