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What I do is probably simpler than any other trading strategy in this space.If you didn’t already know, I watch unusual order flow from Wall Street elites, hedge funds, and institutions…And I mimic their positions.If they invest six digits or more in a specific option contract, I take the same exact trade and either put my own money into it or recommend it to you — sometimes both.It sounds simple… but it’s effective.In fact, it helped me dig myself out of a $500,000 hole back in 2006.Back then, I was a floor trader in the Chicago Board Options Exchange…And as a young buck, I thought I was smarter than everyone.Smarter than the smart money… Can you imagine?That being my mindset, I would purposely go against the institution’s positions because I wanted to prove I was smarter than them.They thought AAPL was going down? Well, I think it’s going up!But being a contrarian with the heart of a lion sunk me into a half-million-dollar hole…Defeated and outsmarted, I decided I needed to step away from the markets… maybe forever.I made the radical decision to relocate to a Buddhist monastery in Thailand and teach English.Six months of soul searching later, I had an epiphany while I was meditating one day.Was I really going to let myself be defeated?Was I really going to let my pride get in the way of my success?HECK NO.I came to the realization that I wasn’t smarter than the smart money…How could I be?How could I know more about a trade than an insider who’s making it?I decided right then and there, on the floor of that monastery, overlooking the highlands and rice fields of Thailand, that instead of trying to outsmart the smart money by going against it, I’d profit right along with them by following the smart money.And I’ll say this: A little humility does wonders for the mind, body, and spirit.When I came back to the floor of the CBOE, fresh faced and rejuvenated, the first thing I did was find the smartest, best trader on the floor, and pay close attention to what he was doing.I watched the volume and order flow on some of the biggest, most liquid companies in the market.Eventually, this technique led me to construct my fist of many scanners designed to detect unusual options activity, and the rest is history…I became obsessed with those scanners. Tweaking and tinkering them to behave exactly how I wanted…And over the next two years, I made over $5 MILLION trading.I was so successful, that I left the CBOE to start trading on my own.And since then, I’ve focused my efforts on educating every day traders on how to take advantage of the smart money just like I do.It’s what provides daily profits for Trade Kings members in my Trade Room.Even this morning, while the market continued to tank, we saw fast profits in UBER and CCJ thanks to the MoonShots scanner:

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And we had a nice winner in XOM brought to us by the 48 Hour Spike scanner:

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These quick gains are why I love the Trade Room so much.And it’s all thanks to the idea of following the smart money, not fighting it.But as awesome as these scanners are, the one I’m about to drop has the potential to be even better…See, my newest scanner also follows the smart money…But it follows the biggestsmartest money out there…It’s designed to detect bets worth over $1 MILLION… And this strategy has given me returns of 139% over the last four months.These aren’t cherry picked, backtested numbers either.Real trades, in real time… up 139%.Now THAT’S following the smart money, folks.As we gear up for the release of this newest strategy, I know the demand will be insane.That’s why I recently opened up a waitlist to make sure only those who are serious about making money have the opportunity to access this new strategy.And as a Kings Corner reader, I’m giving you the chance to add your name to my list, ensuring you’re one of the very first in line when doors open.Click here to add your name to my list.Now, let’s get to my watchlist for this week!

The Kings Corner Weekly Watchlist

Last week was pretty brutal for my watchlist and free trade.But I’ve been down and out before (see above)… And I’ve always come back stronger.And I feel no different about this week.I’m ready to get back on track and give you guys some absolute red-hot winners right here, all for FREE.So, here’s what I like this week:

  • American Airlines Group Inc (AAL)
  • Cameco Corp (CCJ)
  • New Oriental Education & Tech Grp (EDU)
  • TAL Education Group (TAL)

My favorite of these is TAL, and my free trade is to:Buy TAL September 2, 2022 $6.50 calls (for $0.60 at the time of writing).Told you guys I was big on education (notice EDU and TAL)…Let’s hope the market shares my sentiment this week.As always, we won’t be tracking this free trade idea on any online portfolio. So, if you take it, you’re on your own.And in general, if this idea makes profits of 50% or more, you should consider taking some chips off the table.But if you have some success with it, or with any of the watchlist stocks, feel free to email me at TradeKings@banyanhill.com and tell me about it.Here’s to getting up after you’ve been knocked down.

Happy trading,Andrew KeeneEditor, Kings Corner