Flash back to one year ago this week: Dow Jones Industrial Average futures plunged more than 2,000 points before Monday’s opening bell. It was the largest intraday free fall in history. A week later, the Dow dropped nearly 3,000 points in one day.

Fast forward to today: Rising bond yields and inflation have prompted fears of a market collapse. The Nasdaq 100 Index has already entered correction territory.

As before, now is no time to panic.

In today’s installment of Your Money Matters, Ted and Clint tell you how to stay smart and tough. They give you specific tips to protect and grow your portfolio as volatility rocks the market once again.

Opportunities Amid the Chaos

Squeeze the emotion out of your investment decisions, and you can survive and thrive in any type of market environment.

Click the image below to watch, or head straight to the highlights by clicking on these time stamps:

  • What’s happened to one of Ted’s personal brokerage accounts in recent weeks … and what he plans to do about it. (1:00–3:35)
  • How Jumia Technologies’ (NYSE: JMIA) roller-coaster ride last year shows you now is a great opportunity to make more money. (3:35­–5:16)
  • Which type of trader is sitting on the sidelines of this sell-off … and what that means for where the stock market is headed next. (5:16–7:15)
  • One chart shows that profit opportunities abound in this environment. (7:15–9:35)

To watch the video, click here or click on the image below:

Good investing,

Angela Jirau

Publisher, The Bauman Letter