On Friday, TradeSmith CEO Keith Kaplan shared the incredible story of how his unique trading system predicted the 2020 market crash.

If you haven’t had a chance to read his article yet, I highly suggest you do so right now.

And I have great news: Over the next several days, Keith will continue to share his investing insights here in Smart Profits Daily.

Read on for a sneak peek of what you’ll learn in next week’s articles…

Top Tips for Smart Investing in Any Market

Monday — The Most Important Number in Investing: In 2016, Keith made the smart decision to buy a stock that would go on to gain over 1,000%. There’s just one problem: He listened to his gut instinct and sold his shares before the stock went on its incredible run. In his article for Monday, Keith explains why he would’ve held on to his 1,000% winner if he’d only followed one important number.

Tuesday — Size Does Matter When Buying Stocks: The best investors are able to crush the market without taking unnecessary risks. And with TradeSmith’s user-friendly Position Size Calculator, you can maximize your gains and sleep soundly at night. In his article for Tuesday, Keith walks you through how billionaires manage their portfolios.

Wednesday — The Holy Grail of Investing (5 Stock Ideas Inside): Keith uses TradeSmith’s Pure Quant Portfolio Builder every time he buys stocks. This simple tool gives you a portfolio of diversified, risk-adjusted stocks that’s designed to grow over time … while weathering tough market conditions. In his article for Wednesday, Keith shares five stocks that his tool identified as having healthy uptrends.

Join Keith Kaplan and Ian King on February 25

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You’ll discover how this is possible at The 4X Stock Accelerator Summit on February 25.

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Jay Goldberg

Assistant Managing Editor, Banyan Hill Publishing