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Our Big 2020 Outlook: Why You Should Stay Bullish
As 2020 rolls around, it’s time to prepare your portfolio.

That’s why we decided to move your weekly Market Insights videos to Mondays! This way, you’ll get a jump-start on the week (and year) ahead.

In this week’s Market Insights, experts Jeff Yastine and Ian King tell you exactly what you should pay attention to in the new year — from election shake-ups to corrections and the coming jobs report.

And how, despite the noise, it still pays to be bullish going into the new year.



3 Must-Own Stocks for the New Drone Economy
Before Amazon could jump-start e-commerce in 1995, it needed internet browser software first.

Before Apple’s iPhone could revolutionize social media in 2007, faster 4G wireless connection speeds were a necessity.

Before Netflix could change our video viewing habits, cloud storage had to come first.

The first fortunes in America’s drone economy will be made the same way — by building the infrastructure that today’s tech biggies and hundreds of startups will use in the new era.


Rare Signal Alert — Grab 490% Gains in 2 Months
Analysts track how many “participation awards” are handed out in the stock market. Each stock trading above its 200-day moving average increases the value of the popular market breadth indicator.

It doesn’t matter if the stock is 0.1% above its moving average or 20% above. Just participating in the trend pushes the indicator higher.

When too many stocks receive these participation awards, the stock market actually turns down.

In today’s article, I’ll explain why that happens.

I’ll also show you how you can trade a market pullback to grab a 490% gain in less than two months.


3 Beaten-Down Stocks to Buy in 2020
The “Dogs of the Dow” is an investment strategy.

It says to buy the 10 highest-dividend-paying stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average each year.

Over the past decade, the 10-stock Dogs thesis returned 10.7% per year.

That’s decent performance. But you could do better by investing in the S&P 500 Index.

In the spirit of the Dogs, I want to present another idea to you.

It’s another way to find some beaten-down stocks as we head into the new year…


Invest in the Next Apple ASAP — Here’s How
Every $1,000 invested in Apple at the beginning of the 2010s turned into roughly $10,000 on New Year’s Eve this week.

It’s hard to see this kind of massive growth because our brains aren’t programmed to think exponentially.

There’s a famous 13th-century story that best explains exponential growth and why it’s hard to fathom.

Here’s how it applies to this new decade’s biggest tech trends…


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