Shares of GameStop cratered on Thursday as apps like Robinhood shut down retail investor buying.

Those same small-money investors are staging a rally today, and there’s nothing wrong with them joining the party Wall Street short sellers have been enjoying.

But everyone should heed this warning: The same forces that shut down trading on Thursday will strike again. In today’s video, I’ll explain why you’ll lose your shirt if you try to beat Wall Street insiders at their own game.

The Game Is Rigged

You need to be smart to make money in the stock market. This week you’ll learn why jumping on the GameStop bandwagon is not the way to grow your wealth.

You’ll also discover:

  • The shady conflict of interest behind the $2.75 billion bailout of the hedge fund that was shorting GameStop. (2:38-5:33)
  • Why Robinhood is actually just another tentacle of the same Wall Street vampire squid investment houses that retail investors are doing battle with. (5:33-11:22)
  • The simple reason the stock market will remain a rigged game. (11:22-15:44)

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