Back in 2019, I started training to run the 2020 Miami Marathon.

My pace was decent during the marathon. But I wasn’t satisfied because I knew I could do better.

A few weeks afterward, the world went into lockdown due to COVID-19.

The gyms shut down. So running was the only way I could work out.

Eventually I improved my pace. I got to a point where I was running at least eight miles a day.

But then the world reopened, and I started going back to the gym.

While I’ve been able to get stronger over the past six months, it came at a cost.

These days I only run about three miles a day. And I’ve been looking to improve on that.

Thankfully I recently discovered the perfect motivation to get back to my running regiment.

And I found it in the wonderful world of crypto.

Crypto Is Changing the Way We Work Out

Over the past two years, crypto evolved beyond just being a type of currency.

Several crypto projects introduced the concept of play-to-earn games.

When players advance and achieve certain goals, they’re rewarded with crypto tokens specific to that game.

You can also take these tokens out of the game and trade them on crypto exchanges for other types of crypto or even dollars.

Some crypto projects took this play-to-earn concept and developed something called move-to-earn.

And this is how I’m getting back to my running regiment.

They work just like games, with objectives and goals that need to be met in order to earn tokens.

Except in this case the goals are tied to real-world physical activity, such as getting your heart rate up to an optimal level.

In my case, the goal could be something like running for 100 minutes at a pace of 3 to 5 mph.

Best of all, these move-to-earn cryptos come in a familiar format through mobile apps and wearables like smart watches.

The fitness app and wearables market is a huge one that is expected to bring in $4.5 billion in revenue by 2023.

fitness app and wearables market

(Source: Appventurez.)

Move-to-earn cryptos could make a real impact in this space.

After all, what better motivation to get up off the couch than a chance to earn money?

Invest in the Foundation of Move-to-Earn Cryptos

Now, you could pick through and invest in one of many move-to-earn cryptos out there.

Or you can invest in something more fundamental — the “Next Gen Coin.”

The Next Gen Coin serves as the foundational layer for many of these move-to-earn and play-to-earn cryptos.

You can learn more about this crypto in Ian King’s new presentation.



Andrew Prince

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