“The Dow Closes at Record High as Protestors Storm the Capitol,” read one headline on Wednesday.

In today’s video, you’ll find out how much a small-scale insurrection attempt is worth for the stock market. I also break down what the other most important news of the past few days, including Democrat control of the Senate, means for your portfolio.

Watch to find out which sectors will win big … and which sectors are set to see big losses.

2021’s Wild Start

Developments over the past week are enough to make your head spin. Turmoil in Washington was so unbelievable that the news of the critical special election in Georgia barely got any attention.

So today, let’s take stock of what it all means for the next profit opportunities.

Here are the highlights of what you’ll discover in this week’s video:

  • Job growth went negative for the first time since April. But it’s not just about the COVID-19 spike … it’s also part of a troubling, long-term trend. (2:30-5:45)
  • Who could be the big market winners now that Democrat-led government spending is on the way? (5:45-16:25)
  • If ballooning deficits could derail the Biden administration’s plans. (15:59-17:40)
  • And more.

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