We talk about a lot of emerging technologies in Winning Investor Daily.

Things like blockchain, the Internet of Things (IoT), 5G, cryptocurrencies and self-driving cars.

These are what we call “disruptive” industries.

They remake or even destroy old ways of business that haven’t changed in decades. Sometimes, they even create an entirely new way of life.

But these technologies aren’t going to give us control over the global economy.

There’s only one tech that will: Digitarium.

You may have never heard this term before. After all, it doesn’t have the flash and hype of self-driving cars.

But there’s a reason The Economist calls it “the world’s most valuable resource.”

You see, all of the technologies we mentioned earlier rely on Digitarium to function.

This resource could create 11 million jobs and boost the economy by $3 trillion. It could even save an estimated 10 million lives a year.

And one California-based firm is leading the Digitarium industry.

Big companies around the country are clamoring to get its services. As a result, its revenue is up 135% over the past five years. And its growth won’t stop there.

Ian King has all of the information on Digitarium and this in-demand company.

He also has a special report on how you can stake your claim to this exciting industry’s 5,000% growth.

Ian just released a new free presentation with all of the details. Click here to watch it now — before this industry takes off and leaves you on the sidelines.

And if you missed any of our experts’ insights this week, keep reading!

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