Here’s the thing…

I write to you every week, sharing market insights, the things I do, and the places I go.

I’ve told you about my history at the CBOE…

How I used to trade baseball cards with my dad…

My time away to recalibrate in Thailand…

My excursions in Europe this last month…

And a bunch of other experiences and ideas.

But I’m guessing what I share the most with you… Are testimonials from members in my Trade Room.

Why? Because these messages are what make me the proudest.

Nothing makes me happier than making other people money.

Not just making them money, but teaching them how to make money.

I learned from my father at an early age, that education was one of the most powerful tools in the world…

And I’ve taken that to heart in my trading career.

That’s why, even though I’ve made more than enough money to retire right now, I still dedicate one hour of my day every morning to educate people on how to become better, smarter traders.

And next week, for the very first time, I’m opening up the doors to my Trade Room FOR FREE.

That’s right… Monday, October 10, through Thursday, October 13, you can join me in the Trade Room at no cost, and trade right alongside me all week.

Again, it’s completely FREE, no strings attached, and anything you make is yours to keep.

Like I said, you’ve seen the weekly winnings I post in this newsletter all the time.

Like just this week, we had over 10 different people close triple digit winners in over eight different tickers!

Check this out:

Turn On Your Images

This is great trading!

And if you look at the time stamps… you’ll see all of these trades were closed in either the morning sessions themselves (less than an hour) or overnight (less than a day).

These are the kind of messages I see nearly every single morning in the Trade Room.

I know you’ve been seeing them in these letters, too.

So, now’s your chance to really see what its all about… Again, FOR FREE… Next week only.

All you have to do is click right here to be automatically entered into the free open house next week.

I can’t wait to see so many new people share in this great trading community.

Speaking of free trades, let’s get to my watchlist recap!

The Kings Corner Watchlist Recap

We’ve had a pretty great week, both in the Trade Room, and in the watchlist, as 3/4 stocks were winners.

ARKK rose 1.6% from $37.90 to $38.51.

HAL rose 14.7% from $26.45 to $30.35.

SLB rose 11.2% from $38.30 to $42.61.

And AMD, the sole loser, fell 7.9% from $66.09 to $60.86.

But while AMD stock dropped, the free trade idea to Buy AMD October 14, 2022 $70 calls for $1.09 was a success.

These contracts traded up to $2.72 at their peak on Thursday morning…

And if you sold at the right time, you could have made a sweet 149% profit.

That’s now four weeks in a row that the free trade idea could have netted potential profits.

So, if you made money on this week’s trade, go ahead and email me at and tell me about it.

Like I said, I love to see you guys make money, it’s the most fulfilling part of trading in my opinion.

And on that note, I really hope to see a lot of you in the Trade Room next week.

Again, it’s completely FREE to join all week. Just click here to confirm your spot.

Til Monday,

Andrew KeeneEditor, Kings Corner