Stocks had another week in the red.

But if you’ve kept up with Charles’ Real Talk, you shouldn’t be worried about falling prices.

Because this week, he shared why now is the best time to invest … and how “M-Class Stocks” are the best place to put your money to make a fortune in the coming bull market.

This isn’t Charles’ first rodeo. He’s been through five bear markets. So, he knows how to make money during downturns, which he shares with Alpha Investor subscribers.

And when it comes to targeting the best M-Class Stocks, he knows what to look for. He has as many as 40 criteria. But if he had to pick his major three points, they would be:

  • A superstar CEO.
  • Strong financials.
  • And an attractive price.

Charles will be sharing more about his M-Class approach next week — including how to get the details on his No. 1 M-Class Stock for the current downturn.

Stay tuned!

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Lina Lee

Lina Lee
Senior Managing Editor, Real Talk