Hello, Winning Investor Nation! It’s that time of the week again … time to get RAD! And this week, we’re diving into battery tech.

If you’re new here, RAD — or Reader Appreciation Day — is when we turn the spotlight off Ian King And Amber Lancaster to focus on Winning Investor Nation. That’s you!

This week, we’re highlighting several of your responses to Ian’s latest Tomorrow’s Biggest Tech Trends Today article.

On Wednesday, Ian asked: “Would you install battery storage in your home if the price was right? Why or why not?”

Here’s what you had to say this week…


RAD Mailbag: Battery Tech Edition

(Note: Responses have been lightly edited for length and clarity.)

Keith wrote in to say:

Hi, Ian

First, I’d like to say I love your work … particularly when the discussion turns to crypto.

But in response to the article, I will absolutely look into battery storage. I’m doing a small garage addition with an apartment in the Florida panhandle and I plan to install solar and battery storage.

By the way, have you heard of a small startup called StorEn Technologies out of Stoney Brook, NY? They are in the battery storage arena but are using a material called Vanadium. I believe they have a project similar to the one in your article in Australia.

Anyway, you and Amber keep up the good work!

Thanks for the kind words, Keith!

Next up is Jim, who is already using one of our favorite mega trends: solar!

Jim said:

Yes, I would install home battery storage. Right now I have rooftop solar panels, which cut my electrical bill in half in the summer months. We also have a standby generator that comes on automatically when there is a power outage. It runs on natural gas. We are in a suburban community, so we don’t have many power interruptions, but it is sure nice to have that backup. Thanks very much for what you do to educate us about investing. 

Thank you, Jim. I speak for Ian, Amber and the entire Winning Investor Daily team when I say that we love what we do! We’re excited to keep bringing you updates on the latest tech trends.

And last (but certainly not least!) is Orville.

Orville responded:

Greetings, my friend. I’ve been following you for a while with my membership in Strategic Fortunes. I am also a subscriber to Bold Profits. I’m well pleased to know that you are the skipper [and] the two [are] now as one.

To answer your question on installing storage batteries and charging systems, such as solar and turbine systems. If I was at a different place in life, 10 years younger, I would certainly do so. I’ve checked into these systems over the years only to realize the weak link was the storage of energy, i.e. batteries were the stumbling block. Not to mention also having limitations as to their use as well as the byproduct of hydrogen in recharging them. That circumstance is nearly a thing of the past given the state of technology at hand and more reasonably priced now. Solar panels have dropped in price dramatically. 

Also being aware of demands upon our infrastructure, the expense of maintaining the old infrastructure along with population growth makes this battery technology breakthrough not just convenient, but imperative for our current and future needs. I will not expound upon the expense and need for the manpower and training involved in maintaining these older technologies nor my generation retiring at the rate of 10K a day. Thus exasperating the skilled labor dilemma nearly all sectors of our society are currently facing. 

With the ongoing drought in the Southwest, the hydropower capabilities of Hoover Dam diminishing and the need for water for agriculture and human consumption, the need for technology to come to our aid could not have arrived sooner. 

Reliable and affordable battery storage and the creation of electricity via solar are no longer a nice way to power our homes for those living off-grid. But now a necessity for living across the globe, not just the U.S. 

I’m currently at that place in my life of the moving down phase. Many things to divest from my lifetime accumulation living the American Dream. One of the thoughts I’m having is considering a cube home or a shipping container home. Cheap affordable living and powered by these new technologies with batteries at the heart of the electrical system. So for new construction or alternative lifestyle living arrangements, I think this is a viable solution. Let’s not forget the legions of baby boomers without sufficient retirement funds to live upon. An off-grid shipping container home may be a good solution in the near future for many.

Well, I’ve rattled on now probably beyond the scope of your inquiry. Please pass my kindest regards on to Amber and Alex.

Thank you for your thoughtful response, Orville. Ian often says that technology is about doing more with less. As we move into an uncertain future, that will be more essential than ever.

That wraps up this week’s RAD-ical edition, but don’t worry if you didn’t see your question featured this week. We’ll have a brand-new issue next week!

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