The American people have been victimized by organized crime for almost 100 years.

That’s what drove bestselling author Bill O’Reilly to write this book.

The mob is NOT what is depicted in movies and on TV.

There’s no glamour in murder, robbery and extortion.

Bill O’Reilly’s book, Killing the Mob: The Fight Against Organized Crime in America, will change the way you think about the mob.

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Note: Rebroadcast from June 2021.

Congratulations to four of our podcast guests for making it on the 2022 Best in Business Book Awards shortlist!

  • Spencer JakabThe Revolution That Wasn’t: GameStop, Reddit and the Fleecing of Small Investors.
  • Gregory ZuckermanA Shot to Save the World: The Inside Story of the Life-or-Death Race for a COVID-19 Vaccine.
  • Tripp MickleAfter Steve: How Apple Became a Trillion-Dollar Company and Lost Its Soul.
  • Jimmy SoniThe Founders: The Story of Paypal and the Entrepreneurs Who Shaped Silicon Valley.

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Your Biggest Bear Market Concern

Yesterday, I asked what the odds were for your biggest bear market concern happening.

It was a mixed bag of responses, but here are a few:

Paul’s biggest concern is:


Maddie’s was:

That I will give in and sell.

And Robert says:

Of course, losing money.

Here’s the best insight I can give you. Probably the most important.

Emotions — like fear — are enemy No. 1 when it comes to investing.

You can’t let every wiggle and jiggle in the market put you on edge.

And when you invest like an Alpha Investor, it doesn’t need to.

That’s because bear markets come and go.

I’ve been through five.

I learned to invest based on facts, data and numbers. You will too.

EVERY bear market is followed by a bull market.

And there’s one set of stocks that go even higher than the rest.

I want you to be ready to find them.

That’s why I’m sharing details about these stocks all week…

Before revealing my top recommendations next week.

Stay tuned.


Charles Mizrahi

Charles Mizrahi

Founder, Real Talk