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Where Do Pies Go When They Die?

Great Ones. 10:30 a.m. November 24.

I’m entering the town of Great Stuff … five miles south of Wall Street, 12 miles west of the state line. And I’ve never seen so many earnings reports in my life…

All I did was to come to earnings season, and it’s like I fell into … into a dream!

And where else would you rather kick off your holiday shenanigans than the town of Twin Peaks — erm, Great Stuff?

You Jelly? GS Website Meme

We’re all aflutter here, getting ready for the long holiday weekend. So, we’re keeping things short and simple today — as any trip to the Black Lodge should be.

We’ll jam in some quick earnings from J.M. Smucker (NYSE: SJM), and wham-o! We’re in the home stretch for some Thanksgiving breaking … and heaps of huckleberry pie.

See, pies need fruit. Jelly needs fruit. Fruit goes into pies … well, pie filling. Does jam go into pies? Or jelly? Pie flies like a banana…

Snap out of it, Great Stuff!

Right, so, where were we? Smucker was jamming all throughout its earnings call last night. (Welch’s was berry jelly, believe me.)

Smucker’s earnings per share hit $2.43 and topped analysts’ targets for $2.24. Revenue rose just 0.8% and reached $2.05 billion, also beating estimates for $2.01 billion. All that despite rising costs and supply chain issues.

A jelly supply crunch? Say it ain’t so!

Better still, the company hiked up its per-share earnings guidance from a range of $8.25 and $8.65 up to between $8.35 and $8.75.

It’s a narrow double-beat-and-raise … but a double-beat-and-raise all the same.

Now, you might think: “Say, who eats that much jelly besides kindergartners, hmm? Shut-ins and recluses? Backwoods sheriff agencies? Cursed orchid keepers?”



All I’m saying is there’s much more to Smucker than just jams. Owls and preservative pushers are almost never what they seem, after all…

Shelly and David Lynch Positive Smucker News Meme

The jelly good fellow also owns brands like Jif peanut butter, Milk♥Bone dog treats … and bags of that sweet, sweet, bean-based ambrosia.

The real deal about Smucker, to me anyway, is that it owns packaged-coffee brands like Folgers, Dunkin Donuts’, Café Bustelo, Pilon and Medaglia D’oro.

Throw in some Keurig-Green Mountain Coffee partnership action for those “I literally just want to press one button” folks, and Smucker might be the coffee stock you never knew you needed! Starbucks who?

The company is still shaking from the overcaffeinated excitement of its pandemic-propelled earnings. Here’s CEO Mark Smucker himself:

Our entire business benefits from folks having stayed at home and continuing to stay at home as we go back to a new normal, where folks will probably work more time from home than away from home or in the office. And that benefits because our products are consumed at breakfast and lunch primarily.

Clearly, someone hasn’t discovered the pleasure of the 2 a.m. PB&J munchies.

So, more people at home — working or otherwise — are one step closer to the kitchen and a tad more likely to give into snackish temptation. Crunchy peanut butter off a spoon? “My log does not judge…”

Dale Cooper Audrey Horn SMJ Investors Meme

Smucker has enough brands under its roof that when one product segment lags, another picks up steam. Last quarter, for instance, consumer foods sales dropped 8% to $441.2 million, but coffee sales are up 8% to $645.1 million.

It’s coffee, you see, that’s the lifeblood of literally every issue of Great Stuff you’ve ever read.

And some of us prefer a more caffeinated liquid lunch, including the legions of remote workers who’ve grown accustomed to constantly brewing up new pots of coffee. All. Day. Long.

Communal Keurig machine? No, thank you, good sir. We left those in 2020.

Recent studies also found remote workers drink much more coffee than the in-office crowd: an average of 3.1 cups versus 2.5 cups every day. Psssh, those are rookie numbers

Combined with Smucker’s report, it’s not just us here at Great Stuff HQ who’ve gone through package after package of coffee throughout the pandemic. And if I could get my caffeine via IV drip instead, well, I’d be down at the patent office right behind some lunatic with silent drape runners.

Whether you take your coffee black as midnight on a moonless night or … well, the wrong way … Smucker rules the home-roasting roost.

And while the company isn’t quite as — how do you say this politely — growthy as I’d prefer my growthy companies, I admire any CEO who calls an Uncrustables sandwich one of their “most important growth engines.”

Move over, Zoom Video. Who knew that Smucker was the real pandemic play all along?

SJM shares boiled up 6% after the report dropped, settling down 2% in today’s trading. And I thought I had more jelly puns … but maybe it’s best to preserve them.

Are any of you Great Ones invested in SJM — or Twin Peaks? Do you have another way to scratch your portfolio’s itch for coffee stock picks?

Oh, and what’s your favorite kind of jelly in a PB&J? My vote is blackberry … and definitely not mint jelly. Never again will I make that mistake.

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