Today is, in my opinion, the best U.S. holiday on the calendar.It’s a time where markets are closed, families get together, and all the stresses and challenges that crop up throughout the year melt away…To be replaced with a mountain of stuffed turkey, honey baked ham, and a slew of other fixings, unique to each household.Even better, Black Friday is almost here, and my shopping list is prepared for once!So with markets closed today, I wanted to give Chad a break and instead share some tidbits from the team on how we’re all spending our Thanksgiving…To start off, speaking of unique fixings, Chad’s editor Melody told me about a specialty of hers: baked maple sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts, and cauliflower all in one dish. She calls it her Maple Roasted Vegetable Medley.I’ve never had anything quite like it, but I could go for two servings right about now!Melody’s enjoying the holiday with her family down in south Florida. As is Chad, who’s also looking forward to his son’s hockey game this weekend.Claudia, Mike’s editor, is also getting together with her folks here in SoFlo. Mike Carr tells me he and his wife, out in Arizona, are spending the day preparing at least nine — nine! — six-foot-plus Christmas trees, none of which are green.And our newest addition to the team, Amber Hestla, is out on the slopes snowboarding with her boys in Wyoming.Your publisher Chris Cimorelli, meanwhile, is holding it down in South Florida with his brother Ben — proudly keeping it simple and ordering takeout. Our editorial assistant, Emily, is spending time with her family, who came to visit her in Baltimore.Me, I just completed a 5-hour drive up to my mom’s new spot in the middle of the north Florida wilderness, with my pup and cat in tow. Aside from good ol’ fashioned catching up and cooking the Thanksgiving feast, we have plenty of cool outdoorsy stuff planned as well. Hope the weather stays nice!What are you up to this Thanksgiving weekend, options masters? Write us at just a heads up: the market is open tomorrow, for a half day. So Mike’s gonna send you a follow-up to his introduction of the options Greeks in his usual slot tomorrow.On behalf of us all here at TOM, we wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving. We’re all thankful for your support since we launched in May, and we look forward to bringing you more top-notch options insights in the new year and beyond.We’ll be back to our normal publishing schedule next Monday.Happy Thanksgiving,Mike MersonManaging Editor, True Options Masters