Have you ever said something you regret?

If so, then you’re in very good company.

Take legendary investor Warren Buffett. He once called cryptocurrency “rat poison.” He also maintained it had “no unique value at all.”

Then there’s entrepreneur Mark Cuban. He wrote to Forbes that bitcoin was “too difficult to use, too easy to hack, way too easy to lose, too hard to understand, too hard to assess a value.”

And yet both billionaires have a done a 180 on the crypto space.

Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway is letting its money do the talking. In February, it bought $1 billion worth of stock in a crypto-focused digital bank.

And Cuban is going even further.

In fact, in his current cryptocurrency portfolio, he holds 60% in bitcoin!

He remarked: “[Bitcoin is] a better alternative to gold, and it’s going to continue [to be]. That’s why I own bitcoin and why I never sold it.”

But that’s only the beginning, as Ian King points out in a brand-new presentation.

There’s a crypto with growth potential so big that Cuban declared it “will dwarf bitcoin.”

In fact, the financial elite are saying it could be as much as 20X bigger than bitcoin.

If you’d like all the details, click here.

You’ll soon see why Buffett and Cuban changed their minds about crypto.

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