Crypto is displacing the traditional financial system, and you can’t afford to ignore it.

At this point, full adoption is inevitable — all thanks to millennials and Generation Z.

Millennials are now the largest demographic in the United States. And we have a different view on money than older generations.

A survey by deVere Group showed that 67% of millennials think bitcoin is a better safe haven than gold.

Plus, a Capitalize survey found that 56% of Gen Z and millennials expect crypto to help fund their retirements.

These are telling signs that crypto is gaining traction amongst younger generations.

Stocks are no longer the only game in town.

Millennials Haven’t Reached Their Peak Earnings Years

Millennials’ interest in crypto will lead to a flood of investment over the coming years.

My age group is currently between 26 and 41. That means we still have yet to reach our peak earnings years.

Peak income for men and women is expected by 55 and 44, respectively.

As our incomes rise and retirement approaches, we’ll be investing more.

A chunk of this will be making its way into crypto.

Invest in the Backbone of the Crypto Economy

It’s important to note that not every crypto will be a winner from this trend.

According to CoinMarketCap, there are nearly 19,000 cryptos to choose from.

The large number makes it challenging to pick the cryptos that stand to gain the most.

But my colleague Ian King has gained a reputation for picking high-flying cryptos.

One of his best picks, LUNA, handed subscribers an 18,325% gain in just one year.

Right now, Ian likes one crypto in particular that is growing rapidly. He’s calling it the “Next Gen Coin.”

It’s the backbone for almost the entire crypto economy. And it will see high demand as younger generations move money into crypto.

You can learn more about the Next Gen Coin in Ian’s newest presentation.


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Steve Fernandez

Research Analyst, Strategic Fortunes

Morning Movers


From open till noon Eastern time.

Cel-Sci Corp. (NYSE: CVM) researches and develops immunotherapies for the treatment of cancer and infectious diseases. The stock climbed 77% on reports that the company is gearing up for major press release later this week potentially having to do with its experimental cancer drug, Multikine.


Casa Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: CASA) provides physical and cloud-based infrastructure technology solutions for mobile, cable and fixed networks. The stock jumped 68% on the news that telecom giant Verizon will take a 10% stake in the company as part of a multiyear purchase contract for 5G solutions.


Natus Medical Inc. (Nasdaq: NTUS) provides medical device solutions for the diagnosis and treatment of patients with central nervous and sensory system disorders. The stock is up 29% on the news that it is being acquired by investment firm ArchiMed for approximately $1.2 billion.


Tritium DCFC Ltd. (Nasdaq: DCFC) designs, manufactures and supplies direct current chargers for electric vehicles. It is up 13% after the company entered into a multiyear contract with BP for the supply of chargers and related services to support BP’s global electric vehicle charging network.


Forge Global Holdings Inc. (NYSE: FRGE) enables private company shareholders to trade private company shares with accredited investors. There is no particular news on the stock today; rather, it is up 12%, continuing the volatile pattern it has seen since its public market debut last month.


Hallador Energy Co. (Nasdaq: HNRG) mines and produces coal for energy generation. It is one of several coal stocks that is up 9% as the price of coal rises with the EU taking steps to ban Russian coal imports.


Gold Fields Ltd. (NYSE: GFI) is a gold producer with reserves and resources in Chile, South Africa, Ghana, West Africa, Australia and Peru. It is one of the precious metals stocks that is up 8% as investors flock toward gold as a safe haven thanks to war and inflation-related conditions.


HighPeak Energy Inc. (Nasdaq: HPK) acquires, explores and develops oil and natural gas properties. It is one of the oil and gas stocks that is up 8% today thanks to the rise in oil and natural gas prices.


Southwest Gas Holdings Inc. (NYSE: SWX) distributes and transports natural gas in Arizona, Nevada and California. The stock is up 7% on the news that the company is exploring a sale following a well-in-excess offer from activist investor Carl Icahn.


Comstock Resources Inc. (NYSE: CRK) engages in the acquisition, exploration, development and production of oil and natural gas. It is another oil and gas stock that is up 7% today with natural gas prices climbing to 14-year highs as Russia’s war disrupts the global energy markets.