I’m not a fan of Jim Cramer.And from what I’ve seen online, I’m not the only one…The talk show host seems to have a never-ending stream of segments on CNBC. And for every segment, he gets at least one idea completely wrong.You’ll find plenty of videos online bashing him for his inability to get things right.Which is why what I’m about to say might shock you…Behind all of Mr. Cramer’s wrong takes, is a pearl of wisdom every trader needs to hear right now.“There’s always a bull market somewhere.”It’s his go-to line. And it’s simply true.Yes, the tech heavy Nasdaq 100 has dropped 20% from its recent peak. The S&P 500 has fallen over 10%. And dozens of innovative, high-flying stocks are down more than 90%.This is all a bad picture. And it’s constantly in our faces — so much so, it’s hard to see any positives in the market.But they’re there.And I’m going to show you how to find them in today’s video…Watch today’s Bank It or Tank It to see which sector is poised for a recovery — and the stock that’s already in bull market territory:

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If you’re familiar with my Bank It or Tank It series, you know I always consult one tool before I make any call…My Profit Radar.I don’t know if I could do these videos without it. That’s how confident it makes me.And here recently, my Fast Lane Profits subscribers got to experience its power for themselves…Last Thursday, my Profit Radar signaled that IWM was entering bearish territory. We bought puts on the small-cap ETF…And exited the next day with a 171% gain.Jim Cramer says there’s always a bull market somewhere, and he may be right.But this I’m sure of: There’s always a fast lane open somewhere. And whether it’s bullish or bearish, we can profit.We have a few spots open — for now. If you want the power of my Profit Radar behind you, go here to learn more.


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