I mean, we’ve emailed. We’ve talked on the phone. We’ve had Zoom calls.

One sent me a letter through the mail. And another shipped me a neat company sweatshirt.

But I haven’t met a single one in person.

I took this job at Winning Investor Daily back in May, when the pandemic was still raging. And well, it’s still raging today.

Banyan Hill Publishing has been generous with its work-from-home policy for the past five months. No one has been required to be in the office.

In the meantime, we’ve all stayed connected with technology. It’s one of the few things making this pandemic bearable. I’ve been talking about this for the past few weeks here in the Weekly Wrap-Up.

But I want you to remember that technology isn’t necessarily a panacea. Not every company in the tech sector is worth its stock price…

Remember Skype? It had a huge lead on the same technology Zoom uses. But where are the “Skype parties” now?

Zoom (which has partnered with Banyan’s conferencing service RingCentral) has become a verb all on its own in the past few months. But who even knew about Zoom a few years ago?

It’s difficult to spot the winners in a crowded market. Videoconferencing is a perfect example. Luckily, you don’t have to go it alone.

At Winning Investor Daily, we’re committed to giving you the best research to make you a winning investor. Our experts do the work to research companies so you don’t have to.

And this week, they focused not only on technology, but on the U.S. economy as a whole:

Finally, our resident options expert Chad Shoop showed you what can happen when you use options correctly.

There are a lot of myths out there that he plans to debunk — starting today.

Take Back Your Financial Future — With Options

This week, Chad is launching a new project.

Lots of people think that what Chad does is incomprehensible. As a Chartered Market Technician, he’s one in a community of people who are certified in analyzing the market’s technical side.

He can analyze complex price charts to tell you where a stock may be headed next. It’s a skill that not a lot of people have. And Chad trained for years to be able to do it.

Today, most people think this kind of expertise is just too complicated to follow. They worry that they’ll never be able to understand it.

We even showed you last week that our Winning Investor Daily readers are nervous about this. It can seem complicated, to be quite honest, because it is complicated.

But that’s why Chad is in this business. He isn’t looking to befuddle you. He isn’t trying to show anyone how smart he is.

He’s here because he believes in helping the average American. He wants to give you all the tools you need to take back your financial future.

And, if you’re ready for it, that can mean trading options.

We know that options sound complicated and risky. But you should read Chad’s issue from this week.

He breaks down, with real numbers and real trades, how an options trade works versus a regular stock investment.

Most importantly, he reveals his new service.

It’s not exactly an options service. Chad’s main goal here is to educate you on how options work.

Because he believes the more you know about options, the more comfortable you’ll be using them. And the more comfortable you are with options, the better your performance. In volatile times — like a pandemic — options are the best way to make gains.

This isn’t one more email that’ll clog your inbox. This is only for investors who are serious about education and growing their money. And the best part is it’s completely free.

We’re only offering these options lessons to readers who click this link.

This is important: You won’t receive this options education unless you enter your email and tell us you’re interested.

Click here to opt into Chad’s Weekly Options Corner.

He’ll be emailing you every week starting this week. These emails will likely become some of the best options education in the business.

Don’t miss out.


Annie Stevenson

Managing Editor, Winning Investor Daily

P.S. Chad isn’t the only one on our team helping Americans reclaim their financial futures. Wall Street veteran Charles Mizrahi is also on a mission to help everyday investors just like you.

Charles has spent nearly four decades as a professional investor. Now, he wants to help Main Street. He is planning to host an American Prosperity Summit on September 8 with a special guest. We hope you’ll join him.

Stay tuned!