If you’ve followed King’s Corner closely, you know all about my history…How I grew up as a kid with a knack for trading baseball cards…How I parlayed that knack into a trading job at the CBOE…How I almost lost everything I had there…And how I recalibrated on the other side of the world and made a fortune on the comeback…But what you probably don’t know are all the details behind my rise to “trading celebrity” fame.And I’m sure you don’t know the full details of how I made millions during the last bear market, and how I’m doing it again to make a fortune in this one.You’ve seen the messages from folks in my Trade Room… who are profiting right alongside me using this exact method.Even today, when the market can’t decide what it wants to do, Trade Kings members are making fast and easy profits in less time than it takes to read this newsletter:

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You’ve also seen firsthand, even if you’re not a Trade Kings member, how my free trade recommendations and watchlist have led to gains of 150% in CPNG, 345% in F, 116% in UBER, and 152% in KHC… Just to name a few.But for all you have seen, there’s plenty more you haven’t…That’s why I want to share something special with you today.As a loyal reader of Kings Corner, I want to send you a brand-new report that details exactly how I use my secret technique to follow the smartest money in the stock market…And how I’m helping everyday traders do the same every single day.You can click here to download the full report, for free, right now.It’s something I take tremendous pride in doing… Helping others make money is just as, if not more, fulfilling than making money myself.So, thank you for taking part in this, and I hope my watchlist and free trade recommendations have been lucrative for you as well.

Normally, I would provide the Weekly Watchlist and free trade right here for you today…But like I’ve said before, if I don’t see any signals worth taking, I won’t recommend them. Simple as that.I know that may be frustrating, especially with a short trading week already… But there are no good signals to share.Why? I honestly think the hedge fund managers and Wall Street elites aren’t quite back from their Hamptons vacation houses yet.I’m not even joking… I think when these market makers – who are always playing with the smart money – return, we’ll have some great signals to take advantage of.But I’m not seeing them yet, so we have to be patient.Hopefully tomorrow I’ll see some activity worth trading.

Happy trading,Andrew KeeneEditor, Kings Corner