Cryptocurrency regulation is coming.

The U.S. Justice Department is creating a national crypto enforcement team. It will investigate and prosecute criminal activity on crypto exchanges.

Other countries are also tackling crypto regulation. Lawmakers in Brazil are gearing up to vote on a bill that would oversee bitcoin transactions.

It’s easy to think that regulation and government oversight will hurt cryptos — but the opposite could be true.

In fact, bitcoin broke $55,000 on Wednesday, buoyed by SEC Chairman Gary Gensler’s claim that the U.S. won’t ban cryptos.

Cryptos have enjoyed a bull market for the past few months. Early investors made fortunes.

And if you think that cryptos have already risen too much for you to profit … think again.

You see, Ian King has been tracking a massive crypto development. A huge new “third wave” of cryptos could hand the market 70X growth in the next decade.

You read that right: 70X growth over just the next 10 years.

This could be your chance to carve out a piece of the crypto market’s estimated $9 trillion boom.

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