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Profit From 5G’s $13.2 Trillion Opportunity

Profit From 5G’s $13.2 Trillion Opportunity

There hasn’t been a better time to invest in 5G.

Technology is leading the economic recovery. That’s caused the Nasdaq Composite Index to rise 20% on the year, while other major indexes are still in negative territory.

This suggests investors are expecting a large-scale disruption of old-world industries.

My colleague Ian King and I recognize 5G will fuel this era of disruption. And IHS Markit estimates the 5G opportunity to be $13.2 trillion.

That’s why it’s an area of focus in our Automatic Fortunes service.

5G Is Fueling Technological Change and Boosting the Economy

5G will serve as the foundation for many next-generation technologies. For example, drones and self-driving cars will need 5G to be more than just a concept.

Communication between these technologies and their environment requires real-time computing and data transmission. 5G speed improvements and latency reductions make all of this possible.

Augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) require 5G to become scalable. AR/VR interactions are computationally intensive and will require a 5G interface to be used in settings such as a surgical room or classroom.

The industrial Internet of Things (IoT) will need 5G to reach its full potential. Smart factories require seamless interactions between industrial IoT devices, and there’s no room for error when controlling machines remotely.

The list goes on and on…

The bottom line is: The global economy will see huge gains from 5G.

A New Era of Global Growth

By 2035, IHS Markit forecasts 5G will add $3.6 trillion in economic output. This is why businesses all over the world are investing heavily in the technology.

Through 2035, businesses in the U.S. and China will account for over half of the investment in 5G, investing $1.3 trillion and $1.2 trillion, respectively.

The 5G value chain is forecasted to support 22.3 million jobs, over three times more than the top 10 companies on the Fortune 1000 global list combined.

And annually, 5G will contribute hundreds of billions of dollars to global growth:

5G will serve as the foundation for many next-generation technologies. For example, drones and self-driving cars will need 5G to be more than just a concept.

(Source: IHS Markit)

In addition to boosting the economy, 5G will hand investors huge profits.

Ian King and I are continuously looking at new ways to capitalize on this trend, which you can follow in Automatic Fortunes.


Autonomous delivery will change the dynamic of the food industry, as well as boost U.S. productivity and quality of life over the coming decade.

Steve Fernandez

Research Analyst, Automatic Fortunes

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