Inflation jitters had the markets in the red for most of this week.

But are those fears well-founded? Are we facing 1970s-like inflation?

I answer those questions in this week’s video.

I’ll pick apart April’s inflation report, and discuss whether it forebodes more inflation in the future.

Then I’ll show you three reasons why this is not a concern.

Finally, I explain that institutional investors already know this … and I reveal the REAL reason they’re using the threat of inflation to spook the market.

What’s Really Going on Here?

I think you’ll be shocked at the real reason all those smart money investors are “worrying” about inflation. It puts us retail investors in a precarious position. Make the wrong move and you’re playing right into their hands.

Watch today’s video to discover Wall Street’s dirty little secret now. You’ll also discover:

  • The single most important question this year … at least according to Wall Street.
  • The key drivers of inflation in the April data … and in the 1970s episode everyone fears.
  • What nobody tells you about when inflation tends to spike … and why it’s a good thing when it does.
  • The thing that’s kept core inflation down for years.
  • And more.

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