It’s hard to believe it’s the unofficial end of summer. It’s even harder to believe that markets are still directionless after nine months!

Happy Labor Day to you. Hopefully you are enjoying some time with friends and family.

The markets are closed today and our team is enjoying a much-needed break.

So, instead of your regular Your Money Matters video today, let’s revisit three of our most useful videos to help you navigate one of the most challenging investing environments we’ve ever seen.

When to Take Profits on Stocks

When we aired this video in February, Bauman Daily had a great track record of identifying winning opportunities — 162% on PBW, 104% on QCLN and 119% on TAN to name a few.

Eight months later and those opportunities just keep on growing. Most of the picks Ted and Clint have recommended to you are up by double digits. A handful are showing single-digit gains.

But how do you know when to lock in those profits?

Whether it’s exchange-traded funds or specific stocks, it remains as important now as when we recorded this video to know how to protect your gains.

In this video, Ted and Clint show you four strategies to help you know when to sell.

CLICK HERE to watch.

Let’s Talk Inflation

This was Ted’s first LIVE YouTube video a month ago and was a huge hit.

He talked about inflation.

Not the boogeyman self-interested parties use to try to influence public policy … but real inflation. How do we define it? What causes it? Who wins and who loses when it happens? Is inflation bad for everyone … or do some people have more to fear from it than others?

Most importantly … he discussed when it is dangerous, and if it can ever be a good thing.

While the Fed isn’t all that concerned about inflation at the moment, we’re all still feeling its effects in our daily lives … at the grocery stores and other places we spend money. So, this video is worth paying attention to.

Click here to watch this inflation video.

And last one…

I’m Bullish … Even if the Market Does Crash

All year, investors have feared a Fed tapering. Yet, after the Jackson Hole meeting recently, Fed Chairman Jerome Powell successfully calmed investors while confirming the bond sell-off will indeed happen. It was a piece of mastery, as Clint explained in his recent Bauman Daily article.

Unfortunately, when the time comes, the impact on the stock market could still be sharp and severe, as Ted explains.

Predictably, a few people opined that this view was evidence of his “bearishness.” But the truth is very different.

Yes, stock markets periodically undergo major corrections. No, you can’t typically time those. But if you pay attention to the politics of the Fed, you can prepare for this one.

Most important of all, even if there is a Fed-induced crash, the market will bounce back. In this video, Ted shows you the historical evidence that proves exactly that!

Click here to watch.

We hope you enjoy this Labor Day holiday.

We’ll resume our regular schedule tomorrow.

Good investing,

Angela Jirau
Publisher, The Bauman Letter