Growth stocks are back in recent weeks.

After a difficult first half, shares of “next big thing” companies are rebounding.

Federal Reserve Chairman Powell’s “hold the course” speech helped. But is this a signal to jump back into growth stocks — companies that may only produce real earnings years from now? I’ll explore that in today’s YouTube video. Plus…

A recent article from leading research outfit GMO gives five reasons (Note: I miscounted them in the video) — based on historical evidence — why now may be the riskiest time in two decades to do just that.

Are Growth Stocks Worth the Risk?

If you’re a subscriber to The Bauman Letter and/or Profit Switch, you know I’ve recommended growth stocks in the past.

The potential for massive future earnings can be enticing. But can these stocks actually deliver the big gains? And, more importantly, is it worth the risk?

The GMO article challenges the idea that big rewards can only be made with high risk. And if you’ve been keeping up with Bauman Daily articles, you’ve heard that before.

Playing it smart and tough is the best course of action when investing, and I explain why…

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