We called it almost a month ago, and Goldman Sachs just caught up with us. The big bank’s analysts said last week that an earlier-than-expected vaccine could drive a massive rotation in the stock market from growth to value.

But there’s another rotation on the horizon that’s just as important to your portfolio’s performance over the coming years.

In today’s installment of Your Money Matters, Ted and Clint Lee show you the evidence that it’s time to look in new places if you want to make outsized returns … and give you six specific plays to do just that.

Always Prepare for the Future

It’s been easy to buy high and sell higher for years … that’s all most young U.S. investors know.

But over the long term, change is inevitable. And smart investors always prepare.

This week you’ll hear why major changes could come sooner than you think.

You’ll also discover:

  • These two charts reveal a widespread misunderstanding about global financial markets … hear why that’s an opportunity for you. (6:12-8:56)
  • Three likely political changes in America could reverse the very things that made Wall Street’s biggest winners what they are. (2:29-6:07)
  • The impact U.S. politics have on overseas stocks may surprise you. (8:56-10:57)
  • A roundup of six exchange-traded funds (ETFs) you should have your eyes on now as the markets react to big political and economic changes over the next year and beyond. (10:57-13:34)

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