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One … Trillion … Dollars!

How long has it been since we talked about hydrogen, Great Ones?

Some of you newbies out there are probably thinking: “Hydrogen? He never talks about hydrogen.”

But you longtime readers are likely collectively groaning right now. I get it. Not everyone is on board the hydrogen hype train like yours truly … but you should be.

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Now, you might also be thinking that there’s solar power, geothermal power, nuclear power, wind power, electric vehicles (EVs) and batteries, just to name a few.

So, why do we need hydrogen?

For starters, you won’t replace oil and natural gas as energy sources with just a handful of green technologies.

Fossil fuels are too convenient. They’re excellent stores of energy, and we’ve been using them for hundreds of years.

You don’t just change a system like that overnight with a handful of lesser-developed technologies, no matter how green or efficient they are. But you don’t have to take my word for it!

Earlier this week, Michele DellaVigna, Goldman Sachs commodity equity business unit leader for the EMEA region had this to say on CNBC’s Squawk Box Europe:

If we want to go to net-zero we can’t do it just through renewable power. We need something that takes today’s role of natural gas, especially to manage seasonality and intermittency, and that is hydrogen.

DellaVigna came to the same conclusion I came to last year, and that is that hydrogen power works great for industrial applications, especially those dominated by natural gas:

It’s a very powerful molecule. We can use it for heavy transport, we can use it for heating, and we can use it for heavy industry.

As you may recall, batteries burn out faster in hotter climates and lose power in colder climates. What’s more, batteries are really freaking heavy … you wouldn’t believe how heavy they are. In fact, airlines looking to take their fleets green have all but shunned battery-powered flight in favor of hydrogen development.

And the airline market is already moving that direction, with Airbus laying plans to test a hydrogen-powered A380 jumbo jet in 2026.

Hydrogen doesn’t have those problems. It’s why both DellaVigna and I believe that the hydrogen power industry will be worth more than $1 trillion by 2050:

Whether we do it with electrolysis or we do it with carbon capture, we need to generate hydrogen in a clean way. And once we have it, I think we have a solution that could become, one day, at least 15% of the global energy markets which means it will be … over a trillion dollar market per annum.

$1 trillion! And that’s just from hydrogen’s potential to replace natural gas in industrial applications. Imagine if those industrial uses filtered into daily consumer life. Hydrogen cars? Home hydrogen power generators for emergencies? Mini hydrogen fuel cells instead of batteries?

The possibilities are almost endless! “Worth more than $1 trillion” indeed!

Now, you might be wondering how you can invest in this $1 trillion market. Well, Great Ones, if you’ve kept up with your Great Stuff Picks trading, you should already be invested in Plug Power (Nasdaq: PLUG) or Hyzon Motors (Nasdaq: HYZN).

invest in hydrogen power

Plug Power provides hydrogen fuel cell power solutions for both mobile- and stationary-power demands in North America and Europe.

Hyzon Motors, meanwhile, builds hydrogen fuel cell commercial vehicles, such as heavy-duty trucks, semis and buses.

You’ll notice that both specifically target industrial power needs, and that’s by design … just what DellaVigna talked about this week.

The other angle you can take is to invest in energy companies that have hydrogen power as part of their green-energy strategy. The most notable that comes to my mind is BP PLC (NYSE: BP). BP is headquartered in Europe, and will have to follow the region’s more stringent green energy guidelines.

Even with those guidelines, however, BP’s transition to greener energy and hydrogen power has been slow to gain traction. So, while BP is a safer bet in the current market conditions, both Hyzon and Plug Power have greater potential for returns down the road.

Either way, Great Ones, you aren’t going to escape hydrogen power in the future. It’s coming, no matter what all the naysayers say. Invest now or miss out on one of the biggest energy revolutions ever.

But I know you, Great Ones. Some of y’all hydrogen-hesitant investors are dead-set on straddling the fence between a hydrogen-fueled future and today’s battery-building bonanza. All I have to say to that is … just wait till I bring up hydrogen another few times.

Or … hear me out … what if we build better batteries?

This stunning new technology is about to cut the cost of EV batteries IN HALF … meaning that by next year, an EV is expected to cost the same as a gas-powered car.

Mark my words: Demand is going to go through the roof. And it’s going to create what could be the investment opportunity of the century.

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Poll of the week

Welcome back to Wednesday, my dudes! All you longtime Great Ones know what’s coming up next…

Oh, boy! Is it the mozzarella-stick-eating contest?

The what? No … I mean, not today at least. (Note to self: Find a bulk mozz stick source, stat.)

It’s poll day! That time of the week when we whip up whatever water cooler conversation that’s worth conversating. That is, if you’re not already ranting and raving away in our inbox … which you can do any day of the week.

Since this is Great Stuff, and you can’t just close Pandora’s hydrogen power box once we get the discussion rollin’ … we’re still livin’ the hydrogen high life in today’s poll.

All y’all hydrogen haters, behold: The seemingly distant future of the hydrogen fuel market ain’t so distant after all. Don’t believe me? Just look above…

Where? All I see is popcorn ceiling.

No, above that. I’m talking about the skies … and up a few paragraphs, where I mentioned hydrogen-powered planes.

Now, Airbus busting a move into the hydrogen market shouldn’t surprise any of you. We said as much back in October, when Airbus first announced its goal to put a zero-emissions plane into service by 2035.

My only question is: Are y’all ready for this new hydrogen-fueled future? I mean, you should have a few hydrogen-powered picks from the 100% free Great Stuff Picks Portfolio, but … are you actually invested in any?

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Now then, if you were searching for the results from last week’s totally not-hydrogen-related poll, search no further!

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About 53.8% of you are invested in ABNB and said it’s been Airbnbeyond belief. Another 36.6% of you are not invested in ABNB … and frankly don’t really carebnb.

And then there are the 9.6% of you out there actually becoming Airbnb-ers and hosting random folks on the internet. Kudos, I guess? Let me know your experiences with the whole Airbnb shebang in the inbox.

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