Every week in True Options Masters, Amber Hestla and I commit to giving you an options education that will actually make you a great trader.Sometimes that means sharing advice that you’d never get out of a textbook — or worse, a social media influencer.For a perfect example, look no further than our ideas from this week.We focused on the biggest mistake traders are making in this bear market. It’s so widespread, and so devastating to your portfolio, we felt we had to debunk it.In short: Traders are buying overpriced put options and losing money for reasons completely out of their control…When instead, they could be trading inexpensive call options — a much safer bet, considering stocks close higher more than half the time (yes, even in bear markets).So today, I sat down with Amber to discuss this dynamic.And to make our case, we turned our attention to one of the most volatile stocks in the market…Click here or the thumbnail below to check out the first of a new weekly series we’re calling “This Week in Options”…

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This is the first time Amber and I have tried out a video series on our own, and we’d appreciate your feedback.If you have any ideas or topics you’d like us to cover, write us at TrueOptions@BanyanHill.com or leave a comment on the video above.

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