No sense dressing it up…

Stocks got wrecked this week. S&P 500 down almost 7%, and NASDAQ down almost 8%.

Yet, with portfolios down across the board, my newest strategy continues to produce quick winners.

I went live detailing this new strategy at the close yesterday.

The whole thing’s about how this bear market is ripe for trading call options on oversold bounces.

Call it fate, serendipity, whatever you want…

But again this week, while stocks crumbled, my strategy closed another winner in SBUX calls for a 57% profit.


You might not have been trading the last bear market in 2008. I was. And those are still some of my top trading years ever — $1.5 million in 2007 and $3.4 million in 2008.

I’m cleaning up in this bear market too, but I’m NOT trading the same way I did back then.

Remember – my strategy has always been to sift through the volume in options chains and uncover the biggest trades from the deepest pockets on the Street.

Back then, they were loaded up on put options to profit as the broad market fell.

This time around, they’re doing the opposite. They’re throwing million-dollar bets behind individual equity options…

Clearly, always knowing something we don’t.

SBUX was the perfect example.

Starbucks had its investor day on Tuesday, where it announced a massive plan to turn around the company’s outlook and improve its stores.

The stock broke from the market plunge and surged this week, taking our call options with it.

But we got this signal last Friday before ANYONE knew ANYTHING about what would happen on investor day.

That is – except the big money.

This is why this strategy works so well, and especially this year where stocks are so primed to bounce on good news.

Like I said, I went live talking about this yesterday, but I’ve secured a replay of the event right here, right now.

As soon as you’re finished reading this article, I suggest you head over to and listen to what I have to say.

What I’m sharing in that video has the potential to deliver exponential growth to your portfolio.

I’ve already snagged SIX triple digit winners this year with this strategy, and overall, we were up 139% from April to August.

Stop falling victim to this bear market, and start taking control of it.

Now, let’s check out how my watchlist and free trade faired this week.

The Kings Corner Watchlist Recap

Like I said earlier, the market got absolutely crushed this week… And, in turn, the watchlist didn’t really have a chance.

FCX is down 9.1% from $32.00 to $29.05.

UBER is down 1.7% from $32.22 to $31.67.

HOOD is down 6.4% from $11.18 to $10.46.

And GM is down 4.8% from $41.86 to $39.82.

The free trade idea, however, presented a decent opportunity for gains…

On Monday, the idea was to buy GM September 16, 2022 $43.50 calls for $0.25

And if you acted fast on these, they traded up to $0.33 an hour and a half later, and you could have made a nice 32% profit.

Of course, the market got hammered the next morning, and these contracts took a nosedive like the rest of the market.

But you made money of these, go ahead and message me at and tell me about it.

We’ll look to get back on track with the watchlist on Monday.

But remember, my new strategy has continued to produce no matter what the market does.

Go to and check out how I’m doing it. You won’t regret it.

Til Monday,

Andrew Keene
Editor, Kings Corner